United States President Fascinating Facts

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Fascinating Facts About Presidents

Record Setters

Tallest: Abraham Lincoln (6 feet 4 inches)

Shortest: James Madison (5 feet 4 inches)

Heaviest: William Howard Taft (over 300 pounds)

Biggest Feet: Warren G. Harding (size 14)

Youngest Elected: John F. Kennedy (43)

Oldest Elected: Ronald Teagan (69)

Longest Lived: Gerald Ford (93 years, 166 days)

Longest Term in Office: Franklin D. Roosevelt (12 years)

Shortest Time in Office: William Henry Harrison (32 days)

Oldest When He Took Office: Donald John Trump, Sr.

First President Who Was:

Born a U.S. Citizen: Martin Van Buren

Born West of the Mississippi: Herbert Hoover (Iowa)

Born in a log cabin: Andrew Jackson

Born in a hospital: Jimmy Carter

Bearded: Abraham Lincoln

A bearded Democrat: None

Assassinated: Abraham Lincoln

Impeached: Andrew Johnson

A Boomer: Bill Clinton

First President Who:

Died in office: William Henry Harrison

Attended a Major League Baseball game: Benjamin Harridon

Spoke on radio: Warren G. Harding

Appeared on television: Franklin D. Roosevelt

Established a national park: Ulysses S. Grant (Yellowstone)

Presided over 50 states: Dwight D. Eisenhower

Appointed a woman to his cabinet: Franklin D. Roosevelt (Francis Perkins)

Appointed an African American to his cabinet: Lyndon B. Johnson (Robert C. Weaver)

Only President Who:

Didn't live in Washington: George Washington

Was defeated by his Vice President: John Adams (Thomas Jefferson)

Founded a University: Thomas Jefferson (University of Virginia)

Could write with both hands at the same time in two different languages: James Garfield

Hanged People: Grover Cleveland (as a county sheriff)

Served two non consecutive terms: Grover Cleveland

Later served as Supreme Court Chief Justice: William Howard Taft

Was sworn into office by his father: Calvin Cooolidge (John Calvin Coolidge)

Resigned: Richard Nixon

Served as both Vice President and President without being elected to either office: Gerald Ford

Survived a bullet wound while in office: Ronald Reagan

Earned a Ph. D.: Woodrow Wilson

Earned an MBA: George W. Bush

Served in the 20th century and didn't graduate from college: Harry S. Truman

Family Matters:

Only children: none

Raised with half-siblings only: Franklin D. Roosevelt, Gerald Ford and Bill Clinton

Got married while president: Grover Cleveland and Woodrow Wilson

Divorced: Ronald Reagan, Donald John Trump, Sr.

Fathered the most children: John Tyler (15)

Fathered another president: John Adams and George H. W. Bush (John Quincy Adams and Georgw W. Bush)

Grandfather of another president: William Henry Harrison (Benjamin Harrison)

Father-in-law to Confederate President: Zachary Taylor (Jefferson Davis)

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