Forest Lawn Memorial Park

1712 S Glendale Ave
Glendale, CA 91205
(323) 478-2339

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If you know of someone buried here who is not listed, please contact Peggy Smith for inclusion.

Garden of Memory ADLER Buddy [E. Maurice] 22/Jun/1908 22/Jul/1960 "From Here To Eternity"
SS/W & Husb of Anita Louise Adler Berger, M 17 May 1940
Garden of Ascension ALDA Robert 26?Feb/1914 03?May/1986 "In Loving Memories"
Father of Alan Alda, Actor
Freedom Mausoleum
Sanctuary of Heritage
ALLEN Gracie
[Grace Ethel Cecile Rosalie]
26 Jul 1902
San Francisco CA
28 Aug 1964
Beverly Hills CA
"Together Again"
Dau of George & Margaret Allen
SS/W & Wife of George Burns
She & George starred in the "George Burns-Gracie Allen" Vaudeville act, "The George Burns-Gracie Allen Show" on both radio and TV
Great Mausoleum
Columbarium of Memory
Niche 20390
ANDREWS Laverne 06 Jul 1915 08 May 1967 "The Andrews Sisters"
SS/W Ollie B., Peter & Maxene Anglyn Andrews
Jazz singer and along with her sisters Maxene and Patty, she was part of the Big Band singing Trio "The Andrews Sisters"
Enormously popular during World War II, they were dubbed as "America's Wartime Sweethearts"
Great Mausoleum
Columbarium of Memory
Niche 20390
ANDREWS Maxene 03 Jan 1918 21 Oct 1995 "The Andrews Sisters"
SS/W Ollie B., Peter & Laverne Andrews. Jazz Musician and along with her sisters Laverne and Patty, she was part of the Big Band singing Trio "The Andrews Sisters". Enormously popular during World War II, they were dubbed as "America's Wartime Sweethearts"
Great Mausoleum
Jasmine Terrace
Sanctuary of Abiding Hope
Crypt 16174
ARNESS James King "Matt Dillon"
image US Army ~ World War II
Wounded in the leg 1944 Purple Heart, 3 Bronze Stars
Son of Rolf Cirker Aurness & Ruth Elean ore [Duesler] Salisbury
Bro of Peter Graves
Actor ~ "U S Marshall Matt Dillon" on Gunsmoke 1955-1975
Nee Aurness
Great Mausoleum
Columbarium of Memory
BAKER Art 07 Jan 1898 26 Aug 1966 Actor
Great Mausoleum
Columbarium of Memory
Niche 19565
BARA Theda [Theodosia Goodman] 29 Jul 1885
Cincinnati OH
13 Apr 1955 "Theda Bara Brabin"
Actress. She appeared in 47 films, from 1914 to 1926, but was unable to make the transition to sound film. She was considered one of the most successful and glamorous stars of the 1910s. She was the original "Vamp"
Garden of Ascension
Lot 9171
BARRY Jack 20 Mar 1918 04 May 1984 Television Game Show Producer, Host. He was involved in the quiz show scandals of the late 1950s while hosting "Twenty-One," which formed the basis of the movie "Quiz Show" (1994)
Freedom Mausoleum
Columbarium of Blessedness
BARTY Billy 25 Oct 1924 23 Dec 2000 "In Loving Memory of Billy Barty Who Always Thought Big"
SS/W & Husb of Shirley Barty
Father of Braden Barty
Actor. Prolific American motion-picture & tv entertainer from the 1920s through 2000
Began in show business at the age of 3
Founder of the "Little People of America" organization in 1957
Freedom Mausoleum
Columbarium of Blessedness
BARTY Shirley 07 Jul 1933 04 Nov 2007 "Loving Wife And Mother"
SS/W & Wife of Billy Barty
Garden of Memory
Crypt 579
BAXTER Warner [Warner Leroy Baxter] 29 May 1889 Columbus OH 07 May 1951 image "Adored Husband and Son" "Thy Will Be Done"
Actor who is best remembered for his role of the Cisco Kid in the early talking movie "In Old Arizona," (1929) which won him an Oscar for Best Actor that same year. It was his only Oscar. He reprised the role twice, for the films "The Cisco Kid" (1931) and "The Return of the Cisco Kid" (1939)
Freedom Mausoleum
Sanctuary of Heritage
BELL Rex [George Francis Beldam] 16 Oct 1903 Chicago IL 04 Jul 1962 "Lt. Governor State Of Nevada"
SS/W & Husb of Clara Bow
Cowboy actor and film star, who went on to become the Lieutenant Governor of Nevada
He is also remembered as the husband of actress Clara Bow, the famous "It" girl
L-4404, Space 2A
BESSER Ernestine Dora [Kretschmer] 04 Mar 1900 01 Jul 1989 "In Loving Memory"
AKA Erna Kay
SS/W & Wife of Joe [Jerome Besserer] Besser
L-4404, Space 2A
[Jerome Besserer]
12 Aug 1907 St. Louis MO 1 Mar 1988 "He Brought The World Love And Laughter"
SS/W & Husb of Ernestine Dora Kretschmer
AKA Erna Kay, actor
Garden of Honor
Columbarium of the
Evening Star
[Rose Joan]
30 Aug 1906 NYC 25 Dec 1979 Dau of Eddie & Kathryn Blondell
Wife of [1] George Barnes [2] Dick Powell [3] Michael Todd
Actress In a fifty year career, Joan Blondell juggled a duel career while acting, dancing and singing in some 80 films, she had a very successful stage career with many appearance on Broadway
Garden of Memory
Columbarium of
Eternal Light
(Locked area. Not
accessible to the
general public).
BOGART Humphrey DeForest 25 Dec 1899
14 Jan 1957
Los Angeles CA
image Son of Belmost DeForest & Maude Humphrey Bogart
Husb of [1] Helen Menken [2] Lauren Bacall
Actor. Considered a true American icon, he became legendary for his stage & motion picture appearances
Freedom Mausoleum
Sanctuary of Heritage
BOW Clara 29 Jul 1905
Brooklyn NY
27 Sep 1965
Culver City CA
"Hollywood's 'It' Girl"
SS/W & Wife of Rex Bell
Great Mausoleum
Sanctuary of
Sacred Promise
BOYD William Lawrence 05 Jun 1895 Cambridge OH 12 Sep 1972
Laguna Beach CA
"Hopalong Cassidy"
Husb of [1] Ruth Yeager Miller [2] Grace [Bradley] Boyd
Actor famed for the role of "Hopalong Cassidy" in numerous Westerns
  BUSH Nancy Claire   2 Dec 2007 Wife of Henry V. Bush
Garden of Memory
Columbarium of
Everlasting Light
CANOVA Anne 03 Sep 1901 1994 "One Who Loved Love And Laughter"
SS/W Leon "Zeke" Canova, Isabel DeSilva & Judy Canova
Singer, Musician, Actress
Member of the singing/acting Canova family, which included sister Judy Canova
Garden of Memory
Columbarium of
Everlasting Light
20 Nov 1916 Starke FL 05 Aug 1983 "One Who Loved Love And Laughter"
SS/W Leon "Zeke" Canova, Isabel DeSilva & Anne Canova
Actress, Singer, Comedienne
Garden of Memory
Columbarium of
Everlasting Light
31 Dec 1898 09 Aug 1980 "One Who Loved Love And Laughter"
SS/W Isabel DeSilva &, Judy & Anne Canova
Actor. Appeared in films of the 1930s and 1940s
Member of the singing/acting Canova family.
Great Mausoleum
Columbarium of Memory
3rd Bay, Niche 19676
[John Elmer]
27 Oct 1910
Manitoba Canada
02 Jan 1963
Encino CA
52 Yrs, SS/W Elmer L, Elsa W., Ann K. Robert S. & Lois I. Carson
Husb of [1] Elizabeth Lindy [2] Kay St. Germain [3] Lola Albright [4] Sandra Jolley
Popular Character actor
Great Mausoleum
Sanctuary of Meditaion
C-6407, unmarked
[Leonidas Frank]
01 Apr 1883 Colorado Springs CO 26 Aug 1930 Son of Frank H. Chaney & Emma Alice Kennedy, both deaf~mute
Husb of [1] Frances Cleveland "Cleva" Creighton [2] Hazel Hastings
Father of Creighton [Lon, Jr.] Chaney Actor
He moved from the stage to the screen in 1912, gradually getting more important parts, until his work in the 1919 film 'The Miracle Worker' established his reputation as one of the best character actors in Hollywood. Four years later, in 1923, his reputation increased even more with the release of 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame,' in which he played Quasimodo
Freedom Mausoleum
Sanctuary of Heritage
COLE Nat "King"
[Nathaniel Adams Coles]
17 Mar 1919
Montgomery AL
15 Feb 1965
Santa Monica CA
Son of Edward James Coles, Rev. & Perlina Adams
Husb of [1] Nadine Robinson [2] Hawkins Ellington Cole
Father of Carol, Natalie, Timolin, Casey & Nat Kelly Cole
Singer & Actor
Garden of Honor
Lawn Crypt 7247
COLE Nat Kelly 08 Feb 1959 24 Oct 1995 "Dire Misfortune And Personal Tragedy Is A Fact Of Many People's Lives, But Here Lies A Young Man Blessed With All Things, A Child Of God, And A Man Of Light Who Carried His Cross As Well As He Knew How, And Who Came To Know Himself. God Bless All Those Who Read These Words"
Son of Nat & Maria Cole
Bro of Carol, Natalie, Timolin & Casey Cole
Great Mausoleum
Sanctuary of Vespers
Room 1, to the left of
the Last Supper Window
[Ruggiero Eugenio di Rodolpho Colombo]
14 Jan 1908 Camden NJ 02 Sep 1934 Singer
Accidental shooting
Garden of Honor
right side (Private area
not accessible to the
general public)
[Samuel Cook]
22 Jan 1931
Clarksdale MS
11 Dec 1964
Los An geles CA
Son of Charles S Cook, Rev & Annie Mae Cook
Justifiable Homicide
"I Love You" "Until The Day Break And The Shadows Flee Away"
Singer, Gospel, Blues, Soul and Pop, Songwriter whose first big hit, a song he wrote with his brother, L.C Cooke was "You Send Me"
Great Mausoleum
Columbarium of Memory
[Ellen Hansen]
03 Jun 1911 Racine WI 14 Apr 1999 Woodland Hills CA  image image "My Buddy" "Ellen Hansen Corby"
SS/W Dagmar Joan Hansen>Actress. She is best remembered for her role of `Esther "Grandma" Walton" in the television series, "The Waltons" ~1972 to 1981
Three Emmys
Garden of Honor
(Private Garden) [unmarked]
CUKOR George [George Dewey] 07 Jul 1899 NYC 24 Jan 1983 image Son of Victor F. & Helen [Gross] Cukor
Best Director Academy award
Unmarked grave
Section G, Lot 68 Space 1 CULLEN Lola Frances "Fran" 04 Nov 1922
Los Angeles CA
28 Jul 2007
See obit
Great Mausoleum
Columbarium of Sanctity
Niche 21505
[Charles Clarence Robert Orville]
09 Jun 1908
Joplin MO
01 Dec 1990
Woodland Hills CA
image image  US Army Air Corps ~ Wrld War II
SS/W & Son of Dr. Charles C. & Ruth K. Cummings
Husb of [1] Emma Myers [2] Vivi Janiss [3] Mary Elliott [4] Regina Fong [5] Jane Berzynsky
Actor who was in movies such as "Saboteur" and "Dial M For Murder." He also had his own TV show called the "Bob Cummings Show"
Great Mausoleum
Columbarium of Sanctity
Niche 21505
CUMMINGS Charles C., Dr. 1868 1932 SS/W & Husb of Ruth K. & Robert O. Cummings, son
Great Mausoleum
Columbarium of Sanctity
Niche 21505
CUMMINGS Ruth K. 1876 1950 SS/W & Wife of Dr. Charles C. & Robert O. Cummings, son
Whispering Pines
Lot #475 G-4
D'ORSAY Fif [Yvonne Lussier] 16 Apr 1904
Montreal Canada
02 Dec 1983
Woodland Hills CA
Wife of [1] Maurice Hill, div [2] Peter George La Ricos, div
Court of Freedom
Lot #7065, Space 4
[Daniel James]
14 Dec 1915
16 Oct 1978
Los Angeles CA
image  US Army ~ Wrld War II
"Beloved By Many"
Husb of Elizabeth Jane [Hofert] Daiey
Bro of actress Irene Dailey
Popular American motion picture & tv actor of the 1940s thru 1970s
Freedom Mausoleum
Columbarium of Victory
Niche 32269
DANDRIDGE Dorothy Jean 09 Nov 1922 Cleveland OH 08 Sep 1965
West Hollywood CA
SS/W & Dau of Ruby Jean Dandridge
Dau of Cyrus & Ruby Jean Dandridge
Former W/O [1] Harold Nicholas, [2] Jack Denison
Mother of Harolyn Nicolas
Sis of Vivian Dandridge Actress
Singer who rose to the top of her profession with her first starring role and became the first Black woman to receive an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress
Drug overdose
Freedom Mausoleum
Columbarium of Victory
Niche 32269
DANDRIDGE Ruby Jean 03 Mar 1900 08 Sep 1987 SS/W & Mother of Dorothy Jean Dandridge
Wife of Cyrus Dandridge
Garden of Honor
left side
DAVIS Sammy, Jr. 08 Dec 1925
Harlem NY
16 May 1990
Beverly Hills CA
image  US Army ~ Wrld War II
"The Entertainer" "He Did It All" "Your Loving Wife Altovise And Loving Father Of Tracey, Mark, Jeff, Manny"
Son of Sammy Davis, Sr. & Elvera "Baby" Sanchez
H/O [1] Loray White, dancer [2] May Britt, actress [3] Altovise Gore, former showgirl
American Entertainment Icon. Acclaimed and beloved singer, actor, and dancer. A multi-talented performer
Sammy Davis, Jr. recorded forty albums & made countless film, tv & appearances in Las Vegas in his life time
Garden of Honor
left side
DAVIS Sammy, Sr. 12 Dec 1900 21 May 1988 "Daddy Sam"
Gusb of Elvera "Baby" Sanchez
Father of Sammy Davis, Jr.
Singer, Dancer, Entertainer
Sunrise Slop
DEMAREST William [Carl William] 27 Feb 1892
Saint Paul MN
27 Dec 1983
Palm Springs CA
"Carl Wm. Demarest"
Husb of[1] Estelle Collette [2] Lucile [Thayer] Demarest
Well-known motion picture and television actor. His career spanned six decades, starting in Vaudeville. Fondly remembered for playing the part of 'Uncle Charley' in the classic 1965-72 TV series "My Three Sons"
To the left of the
Freedom Mausoleum entrance
Plaque partially hidden by bushes
DISNEY Lillian Bounds 15 Feb 1899 16 Dec 1997 SS/W Walter Elias Disney, Robert B. Brown & Sharon Disney Brown Lund
Long-time wife of entertainment legend Walt Disney. She was also a leading patron of the arts, helping to found the California Institute of the Arts. Lillian is interred along with Walt, her husband of 41 years
Small private garden
to the left of the
entrance to the Freedom Mausoleum.
[Walter Elias]
05 Dec 1901 Chicago IL 15 Dec 1966
Burbank CA
32 Oscarsimage 
Son of Elias & Flora Call Disney, Interred W/ & Husb of Lillian Bounds Disney, also Robert B. Brown & Sharon Disney Brown Lund
Entertainment Magnate and Film Pioneer. Most remembered for creating Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and a host of other cartoon characters. He has won 12 Oscars, more than any other person, for his extraordinary achievements in films
Great Mausoleum
Sanctuary of Benediction
[Leila Koerber]
09 Nov 1869 Ontario Canada 28 Jul 1934 image Actress who played a character in Min and Bill (1930) for which she received the Academy Award for Best Actress
Great Mausoleum
Utility Columbarium
not accessible to
the general public.
DRYSDALE Don 23 Jul 1936Van Nuys CA 03 Jul 1993
Montreal Canada
Hall of Fame Major League Baseball Player. Cy Young award winning pitcher who played out his career with both the Brooklyn and Los Angeles Dodgers, inducted into Hall of Fame in 1984
Ashes scattered as of 2003 ! Cebotaph
Lot 7190
EDWARDS Ralph Livingston 13 Jun 1913 Marino CO 16 Nov 2005
Los Angeles CA
image image image Husb of Barbara Jean Sheldon
Actor, game-show host & producer. Best remembered as the host of "Truth or Consequences" & "This is Your Life" television shows during the 1950s
Creator of "The Peop[es Court" 1981
  FARREN Ida Naomi "G.G." 25 Jul 1918 29 Aug 2007 Wife of Bud Farren
Great Mausoleum
Hall of Inspiration
Columbarium of Nativity
[William Claude Dunkenfield]
29 Jan 1880 25 Dec 1946 Son of James Dukenfield & Kate Spangler Felton
Actor who during the sound era he made such films as 'It's a Gift' (1934), 'Million Dollar Legs' (1932), 'The Man on the Flying Trapeze' (1935), 'My Little Chickadee' (1940), 'The Bank Dick' (1940), 'You Can't Cheat an Honest Man' (1939), and 'Never Give a Sucker an Even Break' (1941)
Freedom Mausoleum
Sanctuary of Liberation
FINE Larry
[Louis Feinberg]
05 Oct 1902 Philadelphia PA 24 Jan 1975
Wodland Hills CA
Son of Joseph Feinberg & Fanny Lieberman
Buried next to & Husb of Mabel Fine
Actor ~ Comedian "The Three Stooges"
Freedom Mausoleum
Sanctuary of Liberation
FINE Mabel 1904 30/May/1967 Buried next to & Wife of Larry Fin
Vaudeville dancer ~The Haney Sisters"
Garden of Everlasting Peace FLYNN Errol [Errol Leslie Thomson Flynn\ 20 Jun 1909
Hobart Australia
14 Oct 1959
Vancouver Cabada
"In Memory Of Our Father From His Loving Children"
Son of Theodore Thomas & Marrelle Young Flynn
Husb of [1] Lili Damita [2] Nora Eddington [3] Patrice WymoreActor best remembered for his numerous roles as a swashbuckling hero or a dashing romantic character
Great Mausoleum
Sanctuary of Trust
[William Clark Gable]
01 Feb 1901
Cadiz OH
16 Nov 1960
Los Angeles CA
image image image "Army Air Corps ~ World War II"
Son of William H. & Adeline [Hershelman] Gable
Husb of [1] Josephine Dillon [2] Maria Franklin Prentiss Lucas Langham [3] Carole Lombard [4] Sylvia Ashley [5] Kay Williams
He flew in five bombing missions over Germany and received the Distinguished Flying Cross and Air Medal. Discharged with the rank of Major Actor, leading man whose career spanned three decades with appearances in 92 movies including "Gone With the Wind," one of the most popular film of all times
Whispering Pines
Lot 1102
near the top of the hill
GILBERT John [John Pringle 10 Jul 1899 Logan UT 09 Jan 1936
Bel Air CA
"In Memoriam"
Son of John Pringle & Ida [Apperly] Gilbert
Husb of [1] Leatrice Joy [2] Ina Clare
American stage and motion picture actor of the 1910s, 20s, and 30s and one of the top stars of the silent screen
Great Mausoleum
Sanctuary of Holy Spirit
Columbarium of Truth
GINGOLD Hermione Ferdinanda 09 Dec 1897
London England
24 May 1987
"In Loving Memory Hermione Gingold Actress"
Dau of James Gingold & Kate Walters
Wife of [1] Michael Joseph, div [2] Eric Maschwitz, div
Garden of Honor Next
to George Cukor [unmarked]
GOLDWYN Frances Howard 04 Jun 1903
Omaha NE
02 Jul 1976
Beverly Hills CA
Wife of Hollywood Mogal/Producer Samuel Goldwyn
Actress credited as Frances Howard during her acting career, she appeared mostly on Broadway, but did make a few films in the 1920s and 1930s
Garden of Honor
[Private Garden]
GOLDWYN Samuel [Schmuel Gelbfisz] 17 Aug 1879
Warsaw PolaND
31 Jan 1974
Los Angeles CA
image image image 
Husb of [1] Blanche Lasky [2] Frances Howard Goldwyn
Father of Samuel Goldwyn, Jr.
Film/TV Producer
Put the G in MGM
3 oacars, 2 honorary
Great Mausoleum
Utility Columbarium
not accessible to
the general public
GREENSTREET Sydney Hughes 27 Dec 1879
Sandwich England
18 Jan 1954
Hollywood CA
Husb of Dorothy Marie [Ogden] Greenstreet
Legendary British-born stage and motion picture actor
He was partially the inspiration for the 'Jabba the Hutt' character in the George Lucas film "Return of the Jedi" 1983
Whispering Pines
Lot 724, Space 6
[Rufus Alan McKahan]
10 Feb 1892 Washington DC 22 Jan 1950 "Beloved Husband And Father"
Husb of Gretchen Hartman
Farher of Alan Hale 'The Skipper' Jr.
Whispering Pines
Lot #724
HALE Gretchen Hartman 28 Aug 1897 27 Jan 1979 Wife of Alan Hale, Sr.
Mother of Alan 'The Skipper' Hale, Jr. actor
American silent screen actress
Great Mausoleum
Columbarium of Memory
HANSEN Dagmar Joan 1887 1963 "My Buddy"
SS/W Ellen Hansen Corby
Great Mausoleum
Sanctuary of Benediction
Private Family Mausoleum
Room #34, Crypt B
HARLOW Jean [Harlean Carpenter] 03 Mar 1911
Kansas City MO
07 Jun 1937
Los Angeles CA
Dau of Mont Clair Carpenter DDS & Jean Harlow
Wife of [1] Charles McGrew [2] Paul Bern [3] Harold Rosson
Actress who was only in the spotlight for ten short years as life was cut short by her untimely death
Cathedral Slope
Plot 1675
HEAD Edith [Edith Claire Posener] 28 Oct 1897
Searchlight NV
24 Oct 1981
Los Angeles CA
image image image image image image image image 
"Edith Head Ihnen Beloved Wife ~ Friend ~ Artist"
Dau of Max Posener & Anna E. [Levy] Posener Spare
Wife of [1] Charles Head [2] Ward Ihnen
Legendary Oscar-winning Costume Designer married for thirty years to Academy award-winning art director and production designer Wiard Ihnen. They are buried side-by-side
Just outside the
Great Mausoleum
HERSHOLT Jean 12 Jul 1886 Copenhagen Denmark 02 Jun 1956
image image image Son of Henry & Claire Hersholt, actors
Husb of Via [Anderson] Hersholt
Uncle of Leslie Nielsen, actor
He was a Danish Actor, Humanitarian & His collection of Hans Christian Anderson books & the two volumes he personally translated into English were donated to the Library of Congress
Whispering Pines
top of the hill
near husband Jack Oakie
HORNE Victoria 01 Nov 1911 10 Oct 2003 "Victoria Cecil Ofddfield Wife"
Wife of Jacke Oakie
Actress who appeared in 46 films, including "Abbott and Costello Meet the Killer," "Blue Skies," "Daisy Kenyon," "Forever Amber," "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir," a&the Jimmy Stewart classic "Harvey"
Whispering Pines
Lot 984
at the top of the hill
HORTON Edward Everett 18 Mar 1886
Brooklyn NY
29 Sep 1970
Encino CA
Popular motion picture character actor of the 1920s to the 1970s
Kindly Light
Lot #538
HUTTON June 11 Aug 1920 02 May 1973 Wife of Axel Stordahl
Actress, Singer
She is buried with him in the same plot, although only his name is on the marker
Cathedral Slope
IHNEN Ward 05 Aug 1897 22 Jun 1979 image image"In Loving Memory"
Husb of Edith Head Ihnen, legendary costume designer, for thirty years
They are buried side-by-side
He was an Academy award-winning art director and production designer on many films of the 1920s, 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s
Holly Terrace
Great Mausoleum
JACKSON Michael Joseph 29 Aug 1958
Gary IN
25 Jun 2009
West Los Angeles CA
(burial 3 Sep 2009)
image image image image image image image image image image image image image 
Sopn of Joseph Walter "Joe" & Katherine Esther [Scruse] Jackson
Husb of [1] Lisa Marie Presley [2] Debbie Rowe
He was called the "King of Pop"
Whispering Pines Section
Lot 757, Space 5
KAHN Gus [Gustav Gerson KAHN] 06 Nov 1886
Koblenz Germany
08 Oct 1941
Beverly Hills CA
image Son of Isaac Kahn & Theresa Mayer
Husb of Grace LeBoy Kahn
Lyricist. One of Tin Pan Alley's greatest songwriters, he wrote the lyrics for such enduring standards as "Ain't We Got Fun?", "Carolina in the Morning", "Toot Toot Tootsie", "I'll See You in My Dreams", "It Had to Be You", "Yes Sir, That's My Baby", "Side by Side", "Love Me or Leave Me", "Makin' Whoopie", "My Baby Just Cares for Me", and "Dream a Little Dream of Me"
Ascension Garden
Lot 9127
[Tadeus Wladyslaw Konopka]
07 Dec 1923 Terryville CT 26 Aug 1986
Pacific Palisades CA
image image image US Army ~ World War II ~ 5 Bronze Stars "Theodore C. Konopka "Ted Knight" "Dearly Loved By His Wife Dorothy, His Children Ted, Elyse and Eric, His Sister, Brothers, Nieces And Nephews, His Admiring Peers And His Millions Of Adoring Fans" "Bye Guy"
H/O Dorothy Smith
His role as the newscaster Ted Baxter in "The Mary Tyler Moore Show", brought him widespread recognition, and his greatest success
Just outside the entrance
of the Great Mausoleum
[Louis Dearborn LaMoore]
22 Mar 1908 Jamestown ND 10 Jun 1988 Los Angeles CA image "US Army ~ World War II" "Beloved Husband And Father"
Husb of Katherine Elizabeth Adams
Western Novelist Louis L'Amour left an enormous legacy in a writing career that lasted over forty years. He won numerous awards: Western Writers of America Award, Theodore Roosevelt Rough Rider Award. His novels Hondo and Flint have been voted places in the 25 best Western Novels of all time. The U.S. Congress voted him the National Gold Medal and President Ronald Reagan awarded him the Medal of Freedom. His books have been translated into over 27 foreign languages and have sold over three hundred million copies. All of his novels, and he wrote over 100, are still in print. 45 of his novels were turned into Western Movies. His writings are known for their authenticity and accuracy particularly as concerning Western American history
Freedom Mausoleum
Sanctuary of Heritage
LADD Alan 03 Sep 1913
Hot Springs AR
29 Jan 1964
Palm Springs CA
H/O [1] Marjorie "Midge" Harrold [2] Sue Carol Ladd
F/O David & Alan Ladd, Jr. Actor
Best remembered for his 1953 role of 'Shane' in the western movie of the same name
Drug overdose
Freedom Mausoleum
Sanctuary of Heritage
LADD Sue Carol 30 Oct 1907 04 Feb 1982 2nd Wife of actor Alan Ladd
Everlasting Love
Lot 814, Space 8
[next to curb]
[Frances Lillian Mary Ridste]
01 Jan 1919
Fairchild WI
05 Jul 1948 "To Our Beloved Carole Whose Love, Graciousness And Kindness Touched Us All ~ Who Will Always Be With Us In The Beauties Of This Earth Until We Meet Again"
Dau of Alfred & Clara Stentek Ridste
Wife of [1] Irving Wheeler [2] Irving Wheeler [3] Willis Hunt Jr. [4] Capt. Thomas C. Wallace [5] W. Horace Schmidlapp
Popular film star of the 1930s and 1940s, she was dubbed the "Sweater Girl" early in her career
Vaultage **This location is
unconfirmed or in dispute
La RUE Lash
[Alfred La Rue]
15 Jun 1917 Gretna LA 21 May 1996 Burbank CA Husb of [1] Reno Browne, div [2] Barbra Fuller div [3] Marion Carney
Western Cowboy Actor. He made over seventy-five movies & starred in his own tv series. **It is believed his ashes are being kept at Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Glendale awaiting final disposition but delayed by a lengthy family dispute
Garden of Honor
Little Garden of Love
LeRoy Elizabeth Edna Murphy 11/17/1899 8/3/1974 Top Model
w/o Mervyn LeRoy (1927-1933)
Garden of Honor
Little Garden of Love
LeRoy Kathryn P. "Kitty" (Spiegel) 5/14/1904 2/6/1996 wife of Mervyn LeRoy (marr 1946-1987)
Garden of Honor
Little Garden of Love
LeRoy Mervyn 10/15/1900 9/13/1987 Oscarsimage 
Director of Wizard of Oz, Movie producer
s/o Edna (Armer) & Harry LeRoy
husb of (1) Elizabeth Edna Murphy; (2) Doris Warner Vidor; (3) Kathryn "Kitty" P Spiegel
Great Mausoleum
Sanctuary of Trust
[Jane Alice Peters]
06 Oct 1908 Fort Wayne IN 16 Jan 1942
Potosi Mountain NV
33 Yrs, Wife of [1] William Powell [2] 3rd Wife of Clark Gable
Actress whose career spanned from the silent era to "talkies."
Died in plane crash while promoting war bonds during World War II
Garden of Memory LOUISE Anita [Anita Louise Fremault] 09 Jan 1915
25 Apr 1970West Los Angeles CA "Anita Louise Adler Berger, Love Surrounds Her Beauty
Wife of [1] Buddy Adler [2] Henry Berger
Actress. Beginning at age six, she went on to appear in numerous films of the 1920s through the 1950s
Garden of Everlasting
Peace near Errol Flynn
Ashes scattered on or near her
mother's grave [unmarked]
LUPINO Ida 04 Feb 1918 London England 03 Aug 1995
Los Angelers CA
77 Yrs, Dau of Stanley & Constance G. Lupino
Wife of [1] Louis Howard [2] Collier Young [3] Howard Duff
Mother of Bridget Duff
Actress, Writer & Director
Freedom Mausoleum
Sanctuary of Heritage
MacDONALD Jeanette 18 Jun 1903 Philadelphia PA 14 Jun 1965 Houston TX "Beloved Wife"
Dau of Daniel & Anne MacDonald
SS/W & Wife of Gene Raymond
Actress & Singer best remembered for her partnership with singer Nelson Eddy in a series of movies during the 1930s
A talented lyrical soprano, she had a wide vocal range, E above high C, close to three octaves
Freedom Mausoleum
Sanctuary of Worship
MARX Chico
22 Mar 1887 NYC 11 Oct 1961
Los Angeles CA
Son of Sam & Minnie Marx
Husb of [1] Betty Carp [2] Mary Dee, M 1959
One of the legendary Marx Brothers along with Groucho, Harpo, Zeppo, and Gummo. Leonard "Chico" Marx was the pianist with a phony Italian accent
Freedom Mausoleum
Sanctuary of Brotherhood
MARX Gummo
23 Oct 1893 NYC 21 Apr 1977 image "US Army ~ World War I"
"Beloved Husband And Father" 5th Son of Sam & Minnie Marx
Husb of & buried next to Helen Marx
Actor/Comedian. Milton "Gummo" Marx was the . He joined his brothers Julius "Groucho" and Adolph "Harpo" in 1911 to become the vaudeville singing troupe the Three Nightingales. (He also appeared earlier in his Uncle Julius' ventriloquism act.) When brother Leonard "Chico" joined the group, they became the Four Marx Brothers, with Gummo playing the straight role
Freedom Mausoleum
Sanctuary of Heritage
right side, left corner at the top
McDONALD Marie [Cora Marie Frye] 06 Jul 1923
Burgin KY
21 Oct 1965Calabasas CA Dau of Ed & Unknown Frye
Wife of [1] Richard Allord [2] Victor M. Orsatti [3] Harry Karl [4] Harry Karl [5] Louis Bass [6] Edward F. Callahan [7] Donald F. Taylor
Actress, singer, model. Married seven times. She played in 'The Geisha Boy' which starred Jerry Lewis
Court of Freedom,
Columbarium of Heavenly Peace
McGRATH Frank [Benjamin Franklin McGrath] 02 Feb 1903
Mount City MO
13 May 1967
Hollywood CA
Husb of Libby Quay Buschlen
American motion picture & tv actor of the 1930s through the 1960s. Gained fame for playing the role of 'Charlie Wooster' on the TV series "Wagon Train"
Garden of Memory
Columbarium of Eternal Light
McLAGLEN Victor Andrew de Bier Everleigh 10 Dec 1886
Tunbridge Wells England
07 Nov 1959
Newport Beach CA
image image British Military ~ World War I
Son of Andrew & Unknown McLaglen
Husb of [1] Enid Lamont [2] Suzanne M. Brueggeman [3] Margaret Pumphrey
Popular British-born stage & motion picture actor of the 1920s through 1950s. He won the Oscar for his portrayal of 'Gypo Nolan' in the 1935 classic drama "The Informer"
Sunrise Slope, large, low
marble display near the
Great Mausoleum
McPHERSON Aimee Semple
[Elizabeth Kennedy]
09 Oct 1890 Ontario Canada 27 Sep 1944 Oakland CA Wife of [1] Robert Semple [2] Harold S. McPherson, Div [3] Unknown, Div
Evangelist who named her new venture in Los Angeles "The Church of the Foursquare Gospel
Seconal overdose
Garden of Enduring Faith
Space A
MINNELLI Vincente [Lester Anthony Minnelli] 28 Feb 1903
Chicago IL
25 Jul 1986Beverly Hills CA image "In Loving Memory Of" "Beloved Father And Husband, Weaver Of Dreams You Filled Our Hearts With Love, You Touched Our Souls, You Made This World More Beautiful. Our Lives Were Enriched By Knowing You. You Are Missed. Our Best Beloved"
2nd Husb of [1] Judy Garland, Div [2] Georgette Magnani, div [3] Denise Min nelli, div [4] Lee Anderson
Father of Liza & Christiana Nina Minnelli
Famed motion picture director and producer
>Whispering Pines
Lot 1030, Space 8
at the top of the hill
[Thomas Hezekiah Mix]
06 Jan 1880
Mix Run PA
12 Oct 1940
Florence AZ
image "Sgt ~ US Army 1898 ~ 1901"
Son of Edwin & Elizabeth Mix
Husb of [1] Grace I. Allen [2] Kitty Jewel Perinne [3] Olive Stokes [4] Victoria Forde [5] Mabel Ward
Cowboy Actor. His movie career spanned 26 years, from 1909 through 1935. He made over 300 feature films, produced 88, wrote 71 and had time to direct 117. However, he made only 9 sound films & a cheap 15 chapter series called "Miracle Rider." He had a sidekick sorrel steed named "Tony" & the duo was renowned for performing their own stunts. No trick cameras or fake scenes were ever used, but at a price. Mix was injured many times. His all white hat and costumes, conveyed the good guy image which became a film trademark
Auto accident
Everlasting Peace
Lot 5492
MOORE Clayton
[Jack Carlton Moore]
14 Sep 1914 Chicago IL 28 Dec 1999 Los Angeles CO Husb of [1] Mary Moore [2] Sally Allen [3] Connie Moore [4] Clarita Moore
Actor best remembered for his role of "The Lone Ranger" on the television series of the same name. He was inducted into the Stuntman's Hall of Fame in 1982, and received the Western Heritage Award from the Cowboy Hall of Fame in 1990. He is currently (as of 2004) the only person to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame with both his name and the character he was known for playing; his star reads "Clayton Moore, the Lone Ranger"
Great Mausoleum
Sanctuary of Eternal Prayer
NEWMAN Alfred 17 Mar 1901 New Haven CT 17 Feb 1970 image image image image image image image image image 
"Musician In Heaven" "He Will Take Him In His Arms ~ He Will Life Him Up On High ~ He Will Show Him All The Charms Of His Mansions In The Sky ~ He Will Let Him Hear The Songs That The Angel VoicesSing ~ He Will Be where He Belongs ~ In the Chorus Of The King"
Husb of Martha Montgomery
Father of Thomas, David & Maria Newman, composer
Uncle of Randy Newman, singer-songwriter-composer
Bro of Lionel Newman, composer
Composer and one of Hollywood's most prolific and versatile film scorers, he had a seemingly inexhaustible gift for melody and did brilliant work in every conceivable genre. He was also an outstanding conductor
Whispering Pines
Lot 1066
[Lewis Delaney Offield]
12 Nov 1903 23 Jan 1978 "Lewis Delaney Offield Also Known As Jack Oakie ~ Beloved Son And Husband" "In A Simple Double ~ Take Thou Hast More Than Voice E'er Spake" "When You Hear Laughter That Wonderful Sound You Know That Jack Oakie's Around"
H/O Victoria Horne, actress
He was an actor known for his roles in "Lover Come Back," "The Rat Race," "Song of the Islands," "Tin Pan Alley," and "The Texas Rangers" among others
Garden of Remembrance
Second Section
next to the long wall
[Estelle Merle O'Brien Thompson]
19 Feb1917
Bombay India
23 Nov 1979
Malibu CA
Wife of [1] Alexander Korda [2] Lucien Ballard [3] Bruno Pagliai [4] Robert Wolders
Popular motion picture actress, half Irish and half Indian, of the 1920s thru 1970s. Famed for her role of 'Cathy Linton' in the classic 1939 drama "Wuthering Heights," in which she starred with legendary actor Laurence Olivier
  OLIVER Jess Rife 02 Jul 1913 04 Jan 2008  
Garden of Memory
east wall
large white sarcophagus
[Gladys Louise Smith]
09 Apr 1892 Toronto Canada 29 May 1979
Santa Monica CA
image image Dau of Charlotte Smith Pickford
Wife of [1] Owen Moore [2] Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. [3] Buddy Rogers
Sis of Jack & Lottie Pickford, actors
Legendary Actress
2 Oscars, one honorary
Garden of Honor POA General Vang 08 Dec 1929 06 Jan 2011 image Major General in the Royal Lao Army
He was an ethnic Hmong and a
leader of the Hmong American community in the United States
Columbarium of Honor
Garden of Honor
[Richard Ewing]
14 Nov 1904
Mountain View AR
02 Jan 1963
Los Angeles CA
"God Is Love"
Husb of [1] Joan Blondell [2] June Allyson
Motion picture actor & entertainer of the 1930s to the 1960s
Lot 2910
POWERS Alice Burton 1902 1972 "Beloved Wife And Mother"
SS/W & Wife of John Robert Powers
Lot 2910
POWERS John Robert 1892 1977 "Devoted Husband And Father"
SS/W & Husb of Alice Burton Powers
Founded the Powers Modeling Agency
Freedom Mausoleum
Sanctuary of Heritage
on the right wall
RAYMOND Gene [Raymond Guion] 13 Aug 1908
02 May 1998
Los Angeles CA
image  US Army Air Corps ~ World War II ~ "Col USAF Reserves" "Beloved Husband"
Son of LeRoy Gouion & Mary Smith
Husb of [1] SS/W Jeanette MacDonald [2] Nel Bentley Hees
Garden of Memory
RUGGLES Charlie [Charles Sherman Ruggles] 08 Feb 1886
Los Ange;es CA
23 Dec 1970
Hollywood CA
"My Beloved Husband"
Husb of [1] Adele Rowland [2] Marion LaBarbra
Bro of Wesley Ruggles
Prolific American motion picture & tv character actor of the 1910s thru 1960s. (The dates on his gravestone are believed to be incorrect)
Garden of Memory
RUGGLES Wesley 11 Jun 1889 08 Jan 1972 "Beloved Husband And Father"
Bro of Charlie Ruggles
Oscar-nominated (Cimarron, 1931) motion picture director of the 1910s, 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s
Freedom Mausoleum RUSSO Tony
[August Cimino]
1914 1990 "August Cimino AKA Tony Russo"
Actor in motion pictures & tv
  SEATON Scott 22 Nov 1929 LA 18 Jan 2008 CA image US Army ~ Korean War
Husb of Barbara [Luten] Seaton
Great Mausoleum
Sanctuary of Trust
near Clark Gable
SELZNICK David O. 10 May 1902 Pittsburgh PA 22 Jun 1965 image image Son of Lewis J. & Florence A. [Sachs] Selznick
Husb of [1] Irene Mayer, M 1930 [2] Jennifer Jones, M 1949
Father of Daniel & Jeffery SelznickLegendary motion picture producer receiving Oscars for "Gone With The Wind" 1939, "Rebecca 1940
Great Mausoleum
Sanctuary of Benediction
rear left room
SHEARER Norma [Edith Norma Shearer] 10 Aug 1902
Montreal Canada
12 Jun 1983
Woodlandills CA
image "Norma Sylvia Arrouge"
Dau of Andrew & Edith Shearer
Wife of [1] Irving Thalberg [2] Martin Arrouge
Mother of Irving, Jr. & Katherine Thalberg
Acclaimed Actress Norma Shearer was born in a well to do family that lost everything in the 1910s and when she was 14 young Norma won a beauty contest. Soon after, her mother took her to New York in hopes that Norma's beauty would earn some money for the family. She found work as a model and began appearing in small film roles. In 1923 a talent scout named Irving Thalberg, who would later become her husband, tracked her down after seeing her in a 1920 film & signed her to an MGM contract
Great Masoleum
Sanctuary of Benediction
private room, left side
SKELTON Red [Richard Bernard Skelton] 18 Jul 1913
Vincennes IN
17 Sep 1997
Rancho Mirage CA
image  image  image  image image "US Army ~ World War II
"Richard Red Skelton"
Son of Joe Skelton
Husb of [1] Edna Marie Stillwell [2] Georgia Davis
Father of Richard Freeman "Richie" & Valentina Skelton
Bro of Chris, Paul & Denny
Actor, Comedian. The person most responsible for Red Skelton's involvement in the theater was the famous actor/comedian, Ed Wynn. Wynn came to Vincennes in 1923 to put on a show, & spotted the 10-year-old Red Skelton selling newspapers on the street, to help support his family. Ed Wynn went up to him, bought all his newspapers & invited him to the show. He took Red Skelton backstage where he introduced the slack-jawed Red Skelton to everyone & let him look through the peephole at the audience filing in. Red Skelton fell in love with show business at that moment, which changed his life forever. He was inducted into Clown Hall of Fame in 1989
Court of Freedom
southwest corner
STENGEL Casey [Charles Dillon Stengel] 30 Jul 1890 Kansas City MO 29 Sep 1975Glendale CA image 
Husb of Edna Lawton
Dentist, Major League baseball player and manager, he is deemed one of baseball's greatest ambassadors
Baseball Hall of Fame
Wee Kirk Churchyard
Space 2, Lot 8, near the
statue of a man holding an arrow
STEWART James "Jimmy" Maitland 20 May 1908 Indiana PA 02 Jul 1997
Beverly Hills CA
image image image "US Army Air Force Col. ~ World War II"
"US Air Force Reserve Brig Gen"
Air Medal, Distinguished Flying Cross, Crois de Guerre from France, 7 battle stars
"James Maitland Stewart" "For He Shall Give His Angels Charge Over Thee To Keep Thee In All Thy Ways"

Husb of Gloria Hatrick McLean
Actor & American Icon, Best Actor Oscar in 1940 "The Philadelphia Story"
Kindly Light
Lot #538
STORDAHL Axel 08 Aug 1913 30 Aug 1963 "Devoted Husband And Father"
Husb of & Buried W/ actress June Hutton
American composer
Great Mausoleum
Jasmine Terrace
Sanctuary of Peaceful Rest
Crypt 16107
TATUM Art 13 Oct 1909
Toledo OH
05 Nov 1956
Los Angeles CA
image "Devoted Husband" "Someone To Watch Over Me"
Son of Arthur & Unknown Tatum
Husb of [1] Ruby Arnold, div [2] Geraldine Williamson
Jazz Musician who was first buried in Angelus Rosedale Cemetery
Great Mausoleum TAYLOR Elizabeth Rosemond, Dame 27 Feb 1932
Hampstead Garden Suburb, London, England
23 Mar 2011
Los Angeles Co, CA

Dau of Francis Lenn Taylor & Sara Viola Warmbrodt
Wife of
(1) Conrad Hilton, Jr. (1950^1951)
(2) Michael Wilding (1952^1957)
(3) Mike Todd (1957^1958)
(4) Eddie Fisher (1959^1964)
(5) & (6)Richard Burton (1964^1974, 1975^1976)
(7) John Warner (1976^1982)
(8) Larry Fortensky (1991^1996)
Garden of Honor
Columbarium of the Evening Star
TAYLOR Robert [Spangler Arlington Brugh] 05 Aug 1911
Filley NE
08 Jun 1969
Santa Monica CA
"And A Lifetime To Go"
Husb of [1] Barbaras Stanwyck, actress whose ashes were scattered in Lone Pine CA [2] Ursuka Theiss
Actor in motion pictures and on television from the 1930s through the 1960s
Great Mausoleum
Sanctuary of Benediction
THALBERG Irving Grant 30 Mar 1899
Brooklyn NY
14 Sep 1936
Santa Monica CA
Husb of Norma Shearer
Father of Irving, Jr. & Katherine Thalberg
Motion Picture Producer, founding member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
Lot 2221
[Richard Davis]
1866 1946 Native American motion picture Actor of the 1930s and 40s
Great Mausoleum, Fuschia Terrace
Corridor of Mercy, Crypt 7355
[Victor Daniels]
12 Aug 1899 Muskogee region of OK 91 Feb 1955 Ventura CA Son of Dark Cloud & Morning Star
Husb of Frances Delmar, singer
Actor best remembered as the first Tonto, Indian companion of the Lone Ranger
Great Mausoleum
Columbarium of Memory
Niche 19425
TIOMKIN Dimitri 10 May 1894 Ukraine 11 Nov 1979
London England
 image US Army Signal Corps ~ World War II
Son of Zinovie Tiomkin& Marie Tartakovsky
Husb of [1] Albertina Rasch [2] Olivia Cynthia Patch SS/W Maria Tiomkin 1960 & Albertina Rasch-Tiompkin 1967
Composer giant of Hollywood movie music & became a naturalized American in 1937
The Court of Freedom section, the Garden of Everlasting Peace TRACY John
Milwaukee WI
15/Jun/2007Acton CA
Son of Spencer Tracy & Louise Treadwell
The John Tracy Clinic in the Exposition Park district of southwest Downtown Los Angeles is named for him
Garden of Everlasting Peace
immediately to the right
TRACY Louise Treadwell 31 Jul 1896
13 Nov 1983
Los Angeles CA
Wife of Spencer Tracy, actor
Mother of John Tracy
Founder of the John Tracy Clinic at USC in 1942
Garden of Everlasting Peace
immediately to the right
TRACY Spencer 5 Apr 1900
Milwaukee WI
10 Jun 1967
Beverly Hills CA
image image Son of John Edward Tracy & Caroline Brown
Husb of Louise Treadwell Tracy
Father of John & Susanna Tracy
Legendary Actor from the 1930s through the 1960s
Great Mausoleum
Begonia Corridor
at the far north end
[Bernard Turpin]
17 Sep 1869
New Orleans LA
01 Jul 1940
Santa Monica CA
Husb of [1] Carrie LeMieux [2] Babette Dietz
Cross-eyed Comic in Vaudeville, Burlesque, circuses & Film
Whispering Pines
Lot 1570
TUTTLE Lurene 29 Aug 1907 Pleasant Lake IN 28 May 1986 "Loving Mother, Grandmother, Great Grandmother And Friend"
Dau of O. V. Tttke
Wife of Mel Ruick
Mther of Barbara Joan Ruick
Great Mausoleum
Sanctuary of Harmony
VERNON Bobby 09 Mar 1897 28 Jun 1939 Son of Harry Burns & Dorothy Vernon, actors
Actor and writer 1910s - 1930s
Ascension Garden
Lot 7152
WATERS Ethel 31 Oct 1896
Chester PA
01 Sep 1977
Chatsworth CA
"His Eye Is On The Sparrow"
Jazz Singer, Actress
Dau of John Waters & Louise Anderson ~ a twelve year old rape victim
Wife of Merritt Purnsley, div
Posthomously inducted into the "Gospel Music Hall of Fame."
In 1949 she was nominated for an Academy Award for her role in the film "Pinky." The next year she won the "New York Drama Critics Award" for best actress
Vale of Memory
L-1070, next to George
WESTMORE Ada F 1880 1924 "Mother"
Wife of George H. Westmore, founder of 1st movie make-up dept
Mother of Perc, Ern, Wally, Bud & Monte Westmore, famed make-up artists
WESTMORE Edwina Shelton 1901 1983 "Beloved Wife And Mother"
SS/W & Wife of Walter James "Wally" Westmore
Vale of Memory
WESTMORE George H. 27 Jun 1879 12 Jul 1931 Husb of Ada F. Westmore
Father of Perc, Ern [Ernest Henry], Wally [Walter James], Bud [George H.] & Monte Westmore, famed make-up artists
Founder of 1st movie make-up dept.
Vale of Memory
[Montague George]
1902 30 Mar 1940 "Lo, I Am With You Always"
S/on of George H. & Ada F. Westmore
Bro of Perc, Ern [Ernest Henry], Wally [Walter James] & Bud [George H.] Westmore
Hollywood make-up artist from the famed Westmore family of make-up artists
Garden of Remembrance
WESTMORE Perc H. 29 Oct 1904 30 Sep 1970 "In Memory Of My Beloved Husband And Companion" "The Lord Is My Shepherd"
Renowned Hollywood make-up artist, member of the famous Westmore family of make-up artists
[Walter James]
13 Feb 1906 03 Jul 1973 "Walter James Westmore ~ Beloved Husband And Father"
SS/W & Husb of Edwina Shelton Westmore
Legendary Hollywood make-up artist who came from a long family line of famed Westmore make-up artists
Lot 2998, Space 2
WYLER William [Wilhelm Weiller] 01 Jul 1902
Mulhouse Alsace France
27 Jul 1981
Los Angeles CA
image image image 
Husb of [1] Margaret Sullivan, actress [2] Margaret Tallichet
Highly respected & influencial motion picture director. He made such films as "Mrs. Miniver," "Wuthering Heights," and "Ben-Hur."
Great Mausoleum
Daffodil Corridor
Columbarium of
the Dawn
[Isaiah Edwin Leopold]
09 Nov 1886
Philadelphia PA
19 Jun 1966
Beverly Hills CA
image "Dear God: Thanks"
SS/W Keenan Wynn, Blanche Leopold [18 May 1886 ~ 25 Dec 1975] & Emily Wynn
Husb of [1] Hilda Keenan M 1914 ~ 1937 [2] Frieda Mierse, M 1937 ~ 1939 [3] Dorothy Elizabeth Nesbitt, M 1946 ~ 1955GFather of Ned, Tracy Keenan, Hilda & Emily Wynn, actors
Motion picture & tv actor, characterized by his cheerful, sing-song speaking voice. Fondly remembered in such films as "The Absent-Minded Professor," "Babes in Toyland," and "Mary Poppins."
Emmy 1950
Great Mausoleum
Daffodil Corridor
Columbarium of the Dawn
WYNN Emily 09 Feb 1960 27 Nov 1985 Dau of Keenan Wynn
SS/W Kennan & Ed Wynn, grandfather & Blanche Leopold
Great Mausoleum
Daffodil Corridor
Columbarium of the Dawn
WYNN Keenan
[Francis Xavier Aloysius James Jeremiah]
27 Jul 1916 NYC 14 Oct 1986 Los Angeles CA SS/W Ed & Hilda [Keenan] Wynn, father, Blanche Leopold & Emily Wynn, Husb of [1] Eve Abott [2] Betty Jane Butler [3] Sharley Jean Hudson
Father of Ned, Tracy Keenan, Hilda & Emily Wynn
Section M Lot 435 #4 YOUNG Noah "Sport", Jr. 1887 1958 Lo, I Am With You Always
Son of Noah Young Sr. & Polly Anson
See photo
See bio
Section M Lot 435 #5 YOUNG Noah, Sr. 1855 1931 Husb of Polly Anson Young
See photo
Lot 5905
YOUNG Robert George 22 Feb 1907
Chicago IL
21 Jul 1998
Westlake CA
"Devoted Husband, FatherAnd Grandfather"
Husb of Elizabeth Louise "Betty" [Henderson] Young
Actor best known for "Father Knows Best" & "Marcus Welby, M.D." on television

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