Forest Lawn Memorial Park

6300 Forest Lawn Drive
Hollywood Hills, CA.
(323) 254-7251

If you know of someone buried here who is not listed, please contact Sandi Carter for inclusion.

Lincoln Terrace
ABRAHAMS Gary William 1944 1992 SS/W Gary Charles Essert, Co-founder in 1971, along with partner Gary Essert, of "FILMEX," the Los Angeles Film International Festival
Court of Liberty
Gardens of Heritage
L-3039 G-1
ACKERMAN Harry 17 Nov 1912 03 Feb 1991 Husb of Elinor Donahue, Television Series Producer
ACOSTA PEREZ Rodolfo 29 Jul 1920 MX 07 Nov 1974 image "73 US Navy ~ World War II"
Actor 1940s ~ 1970s
Court of Valor
ACUñA Alberto E. 03 Jun 1946 24 Sep 1984 "Beloved Brother And Best Friend. My Eternal Gratitude For The Wisdom And Knowledge You Shared Throughout Your Life, And That Constant Spark You Left In My Soul, The Best Is Yet To Come. Michael, Vanessa And Jason"
Court of Remembrance
Columbarium of
Niche 61905
ADRIAN Iris 29 May 1912 17 Sep 1994 "Loved & Remembered Always"
SS/W Dorothy L. Ward, Actress
Courts of Remembrance
Crypt 1107
AHN Philip 29 Mar 1905 Korea 28 Feb 1978 CA "In Loving Memory"
Columbarium of
AKST Harry L. 15 Aug 1894 31 Mar 1963 Composer
Murmuring Trees
ALDRICH, Robert 09 Aug 1918 05 Dec 1983 Motion Picture Director
Court of Liberty
Garden of Valor
Lot 4260, Space 1A
ALLEN Irving Applebaum 24 Nov 1905 Poland 17 Dec 1987 Encino CA "His Was A Life Of Giving ~ Through Love, Thought And Deed"
Film and Television Producer, Director
Courts of Remembrance
Columbarium of Providence
ALLEN Steve [Stephen Valentine Patrick William] 26 Dec 1921 NYC 30 Oct 2000 Encino CA image "US Army ~ World War II"
Son of Carroll & Isabelle Montrose Allen
Husb of :
[1] Dorothy Goodman
[2] Jayne Meadows Allen
Actor, comedian, composer, author
Lot #6234
ALVARADO Don [José Paige Alvarado] 04 Nov 1904 Albuquerque NM 31 Mar 1967 Hollywood CA "Joseph B. Page [Don Alvarado]"
Columbarium of Valor
niche G64443
AMES Leon 20 Jan 1902
Portland IA
12 Oct 1993
Laguna Beach CA
SS/W & Husb of Christine Mae [Gossett] Ames
Columbarium of Valor
niche G64443
AMES Christine Mae [Gossett] 25 Dec 1912
Chickasha OK
27 Oct 2005
Corona del Mar CA
Dau of Tip & Orrie Gossett
SS/W & Wife of Leon Ames (actor), M 1938
Mother of Shelly (b 1940) & Leon Ames, Jr. (b 1943)
Heritage Memorial Services ~ Huntington Beach
Court of Remembrance
furthest north-east section
AMSTERDAM Morey 14 Dec 1908
Chicago IL
27 Oct 1996
Los Angeles CA
Actor, comedian
L-3443 G-1
ANDERSON Carl David 03 Sep 1905 11 Jan 1991 Scientist awarded the 1936 Nobel Prize in Physics
Court of Liberty ANDERSON Ernest Earle "Ernie" 12 Nov 1923 06 Feb 1997 Television Announcer known as "the Voice of ABC Television."
Columbarium of Remembrance
ANDERSON Leland H. 1907 1960 SS/W & Husb of Patricia Avery [Elizabeth Anderson]
Her name is not on marker
Vale of Peace
L-5199, G-2
ANDERSON Mignon E. 31 Mar 1892 25 Feb 1983 "Mignon E. Foster"
Buried next to & Wife of J. Morris Foster
Actress in the 1910s and 20s (silent era)
Eternal Love
L-5157, Space 2
ANDREWS Kathleen Lois "Lois" Kleckner] 24 Mar 1924 05 Apr 1968 "Katheen L. Kleckner" "Beloved Wife And Mother"
Wife of Steve Brodie, actor
Actress in motion pictures of the 1940s and 1950s
Columbarium of Valor
Same wall as McLean Stevenson
ANGAROLA Anthony Francis II 06 Oct 1961 09 May 1990 "Keep The Dream Alive"
L-4403, G-4
ANSARA Matthew 29 Aug 1965 25 Jun 2001 Actor Son of Barbara Eden (star of "I Dream of Jeannie") & character actor Michael Ansara
Morning Light
ARTHUR Robert 01 Nov 1909 928 Oct 1986 "Beloved Husband"
Motion Picture Producer, Writer
Murmuring Trees
ARVANITIS Emmanuel N. 04 Oct 1931 18 Jul 1976 "Beloved Husband And Father" "May The Joyous Music You Gave Others, Grant Your Spirit Eternal Joy In God's Heavenly Symphony."
Composer, Symphony Orchestra Conductor
ASSAN Ivu Devi Dja 01 Aug 1914 19 Jan 1989 "The Pavlova of the Orient" Beloved Mother And Grandmother"
L-4262 G-3
AUER John H. 03 Aug 1906 14 Mar 1975 "In Memory Of Our Father"
Motion Picture Director, Producer, Actor
Sheltering Hills Section
Grave 1048
just in front of
one of the statues
AUTRY Gene [Orvon Gene] 29 Sep 1907 02 Oct 1998 image "Officer Army Air Corps ~ World War II" "American Hero ~ Philanthropist ~ Patriot And Veteran ~ Movie Star ~ Singer ~ Composer ~ Baseball Fan And Owner ~ 33rd Degree Mason ~ Media Entrepreneur ~ Loving Husband ~ Gentleman" "A Believer In Our Western Heritage"
Actor, Singer. Major League Baseball Team Owner. Known by many as "The Singing Cowboy"
He is best remembered for his songs "Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer," and his theme song, "Back in the Saddle Again"
Court of Liberty
AVALIER Don 19 Sep 1912 29 May 1973 "Beloved Husband, Father, Grandfather"
Enduring Faith
L-4200 G-7
AVERY Emile [Emil] 09 May 1907 08 Nov 1985 image "Tec 4 US Army ~ World War II"
Columbarium of
Her name is not on the marker
AVERY Patricia [Elizabeth Anderson] 19 Nov 1902 21 Aug 1973 SS/W & Wife of Leland H. Anderson, Motion Picture star of the silent era
AVERY Tex [Fred Bean] 26 Feb 1908 26 Aug 1980 Cartoon Animator, Director
Columbarium of Purity
Niche G5968
BABBITT Art 08 Oct 1907 04 Mar 1992 "Animation Director ~ Things Do Best Amuse Me That Befall Preposterously W.S."
Cartoonist. His credits include "The Three Little Pigs" (1933), "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" (1937), "Fantasia" (1940), and "The Incredible Mr. Limpet" (1964).
Eternal Love
BACON Lloyd Francis 16 Jan 1889 15 Nov 1955 "In Loving Memory"
Actor, Motion Picture Director
Gardens of Heritage
Lot 1101
BAER Parley Edward 05 Aug 1914 22 Nov 2002 "Beloved Husband, Father, Grandfather and Actor. He Lived His Life With Talend, Humor And Most Of All Love"
Actor who played Mayor Stoner on "The Andy Griffith Show."
Unknown BAILEY David 27 Oct 1933 Newark NJ 25 Nov 2004 71 Yr old Actor who had a recent role as 'Alistair Crane' on the soap opera, "Passions."
Sheltering Hills BAKER Buddy [Norman] 04 jan 1918 26 Jul 2002 "Composer, Conductor, Educator, Mentor ~ A Disney Legend ~ Forever In Our Hearts"
Composer of over 200 songs and scores for Motion Pictures & Television series
Sheltering Hills
Lot 6550, Space 3
BAKLEY~BLAKE Bonny Lee 07 Jun 1956 04 May 2001 "In Loving Memory Rest In Peace"
Murder Victim
Wife of Robert Blake, actor. Blake was tried and aquitted of the murder
L-4543, G-1
BALDWIN William T. "Bill" 26 Nov 1913 17 Nov 1982 "Beloved Husband ~ Father ~ Grandfather"
Actor, Radio Announcer. Appeared in motion pictures and on television from the 1950s to the 1980s
Sheltering Hills
Lot 4187
Interment Space 1
BALL John 1911 1988 "A Man Of Honor. A True Friend, Brilliant In Mind And Spirit. Those Whose Lives He Touched Are His Memorial"
Author and modern crime novelist, he wrote the `Virgil Tibbs' series of books about a Black homicide investigator from Pasadena. The most well renowned was "In The Heat Of The Night" (1965)
Columbarium of
Radiant Dawn
Court of Remembrance
original interment site.
Ashes were relocated to
Jamestown NY by
next-of-kin ~ 2002
BALL Lucille Desiree 06 Aug 1911 Jamestown NY 26 Apr 1989 "Morton, Lucille Ball"
Legendary comedic actress, best known for the title role in the hit television sitcom of the 1950's "I Love Lucy."
  BARKER Bob [Robert William] 12 Dec 1923
Darrington WA
  image "US Navy ~ World War II"
Husb of Dorothy Jo Barker
Game Show Host and Television Personality.
Eternal Love
L-5206 G-1
BARKER Cecil W. 10 Feb 1916 11 Nov 1966 image "California 1st Lt Army Air Forces ~ World War II"
Motion Picture Director
Enduring Faith
L-4138, G-1
BARRETT Linda 1910 1986 "Beloved Wife And Friend"
Wife of Victor Sutherland, actor
Appeared in the 1963 cult classic film "Shock Corridor."
Devotion 8798 BARRIS Harry 24 Nov 1905 13 Dec 1962 "Beloved Husband And Father"
Singer who sang with Bing Crosby & Al Rinker, the "Rythm Boys"
Court of Liberty
BARRY Donald "Red" 11 Jan 1912 17 Jul 1980 "Donald Michael Barry DeAcosta"
Actor who was best known for his 'Red Ryder' character
Sheltering Hills
Lot 5049, Space 2
next to her mother Maria
BARSI Judith Eva 06 Jun 1978 27 Jul 1988 "In Memory Of The Lovely Judith Eva Barsi Our Concrete Angel Yep! Yep! Yep!"
Actress Dau of Maria Agnes Benko Barsi
Murdered by father
Sheltering Hills
Lot 5049, Space 1
next to daughter Judith
BARSI Maria Agnes Benko 14 Feb 1940 27 Jul 1988 "Wind Beneath Her Wings Yep! Yep! Yep!"
Mother of child actress Judith Barsi who was murdered while trying to protect Judith from her father's rage.
L-4753, Space 3
BAU R. Gordon "Gordy" 01 Jul 1907 21 Jul 1975 Motion Picture Make-up Artist of the 1930s
Bro of George Bau, Make-up Artist.
Court of Remembrance
Crypt 2175
BEATTIE John A. 28 Nov 1926 18 Jan 1977 image "US Air Force" "Actor Pilot Friend Poet Lover Of Animals"
Wild animal trainer, circus performer
Court of Remembrance
Crypt 2175
BEATTY Clyde 10 Jun 1903 19 Jul 1965 "Forever Enshrined In Our Hearts"
Wild animal trainer, circus performer
Court of Remembrance BEAUDINE Jeanette 1921 23 Jun 2003 Beaudine was a long-time stand-in for actress Helen Hayes
Sheltering Hills
Lot 930, Space 1
BEERY Noah Nicholas, Sr. 17 Jan 1882 Kansas City MO 01 Apr 1946 "Husband And Father"
Father of Noah L. Berry, Jr., Actor
The older brother of star Wallace Beery, he was called "The King of The Bad Guys."
Sheltering Hills
Lot 487, Space 3
BEERY Noah L., Jr. 10 Aug 1913 NYC 01 Nov 1994 "My Love, My Life, I Miss You, Lisa"
S/O Noah Nicholas Berry, Sr., Actor
Earthy, likable character player appeared in nearly 100 films during his 65-year career, but is best remembered for his Emmy-nominated role as "Rocky" on TV's "The Rockford Files".
Murmering Trees
Lot 8687
BELLAMY Ralph R. 17 Jun 1904 29 Nov 1991 "Beloved Husband Of Alice"
Actor & leading man of stage and screen.
L-4027 G-1
BENEDICT Richard "Pepe" 08 Jan 1920 Palbrazo Sicily 25 Apr 1984 Studio City CA "Beloved Husband Of Paula, Father Of Joy And Nicholas. Dedicated Film Director" "He Stopped To Smell The Roses"
Actor, Director.
Urn located in the casket
of Trainer Frank Inn
BENJI I [Higgins] Abt 1960 Aft 1974 Animal Actor
Eternal Love
L-661, G-3
BENNET Spencer Gordon 05 Jan 1893 08 Oct 1987 "King Of Serial Directors" "His Final Chapter"
Motion Picture Director from the 1920s to the 1960s.
Courts of Remembrance Section, Wall Crypt 1772 BENTLEY Lamont [Artimus] 25 Oct 1973 Milwaukee WI 18 Jan 2005 San Diego CA "Beloved Son And Father" "You Will Remain In Our Hearts Forever"
Actor best known for his role of 'Hakeem' on the television series "Moesha"
Car accident
L-1002 G-1
BERGMAN Mary Kay 05 Jun 1961 11 Nov 1999 "Andrade Mary Kay Bergman" "One Soul Of A Thousand Voices Now An Angel's Chorus Of Bright Red Wings Bringing Laughter And Joy To The Heavens Above"
Actress, Voice Artist
Tribute Section
Lot 1015
Grave 4 [unmarked]
BERRY Fred "Rerun" 13 Mar 1951 22 Oct 2003 Actor who was a beret-wearing suspender-clad teen named 'Fred "Rerun" Stubbs' on the popular 1970's sitcom "What's Happening!!"
Court of Valor Section, Lot 5256, Space 1 BOGGS Haskell B. 17 Apr 1909 30 May 2003 Cinematographer
Enduring Faith
L-883 G-2
BONER Priscilla 17 Feb 1899 22 Feb 1996 Wife of Dr. Emmanuel Bertrand Woolfan, noted Hollywood physician. Silent screen Actress.
God's Acre, Lot 1738, Space 4 BOSLEY Tom 01 Oct 1927
Chicago IL
19 Oct 2010
Palm Springs CA
image US Navy
"Fiorello, Sheriff, Priest ... And Forever "Mr. C."

Husb of Jean Eliot Bosley
See photo
Courts of Remembrance
Columbarium of
Niche 64689
BRADBURY Evelyn M. 1907 1999 SS/W William C. & Robert N. [Bob Steele] Bradbury
Courts of Remembrance
Columbarium of
Niche 64689
BRADBURY William C. 1907 1971 SS/W Evelyn M. & Robert N. [Bob Steele] Bradbury
Ascending Dawn Section, Lot 5383, Lawn Crypt 4 BREWER Alyce J. [Auhl] 01 Mar 1905
10 Sep 1994
Los Angeles CA
"Beloved Wife and Mother"
SS/W & Wife of Roy Martin Brewer
See photo
Ascending Dawn Section, Lot 5383, Lawn Crypt 4 BREWER Roy Martin 09 Aug 1909
Cairo NE
16 Sep 2006
West Hills CA
"Devoted Husb and, Father and Great-Grandfather"
Son of Martin Monroe Brewer & Lottie B. Woodworth
SS/W & Husb of Alyce J. [Auhl] Brewer
See photo
Ascending Dawn Section, Lot 5383, Lawn Crypt 4 BROWN Ray Matthews 13 Oct 1926
Pittsburgh PA
02 Jul 2002
Indiansapolis IA
Jazz Musician
Morning Light Section
Plot #7780
BUCHANAN Edgar [William Edgar] 05 Aug 1915 14 Feb 1989 image Known for his role as 'Uncle Joe Carson' in the television series "Petticoat Junction"
Murmuring Trees
Block 5443
CAMBRIDGE Godfrey 26 Feb 1933 29 Nov 1976 "Beloved Husband And Father"
Murmuring Trees
Lot 8903, Space 1
CANDOLI "Pete" [Walter Joseph] 28 Jun 1923
11 Jan 200 "Beloved Husband And Father"
Former Husb of actresses Vicky Lane, Betty Hutton & Edie Adams
Jazz Musician in Big Bands of the 1940s including Woody Herman, Tommy Dorsey, Glenn Miller, Count Basie and Charlie Barnet
Studio musician for such greats as Henry Mancini, Nelson Riddle, Frank Sinatra, Peggy Lee and Judy Garland
Prostate cancer
See photo
Sheltering Hills
Lot 1156
CARLE Frankie [Francis Nanzio Carlone] 25 Mar 1903 07 Mar 2001 Mesa AZ "Beloved Husband, Father, Grandfather And Grandfather"
Father of Marjorie Hughes
Big-band leader who is best known for his "Sunrise Serenade."
Garden of Heritage
Crypt 909
COLLINS Joan E. [Uron] 1890 1977 "Thy Will Be Done"
SS/W & Wife of Ray Bidwell Collins
Mother Junius Collins
Garden of Heritage
Crypt 909
COLLINS Ray Bidwell 10 Dec 1889
Sacremento CA
11 Jul 1965
Santa Monica CA
Husb of [1] Margaret Marriott, div 1924 SS/W [2] Joan E. Collins Mason, M 1926, Fatheer of Junius Collins "Lt. Tragg" in the "Perry Mason" weekly CBS television series
Lincoln Terrace
Plot 4448
CONRAD William [William Cann] 27 Sep 1920
Louisville KY
11 Feb 1994
North Hollywood CA
image Fighter Pilot ~ World War II
73 Yrs, Husb of Susie Conrad
Father of Christopher Conrad
He was most noteworthy was as Matt Dillion in the Radio version of Gunsmoke which aired from 1952-1961.In the 1970s he began the road to ultimate renown coming from behind the voice and starring in three detective series: 'Cannon,' 'Nero Wolfe' and 'Jake and the Fatman.'
Court of Liberty
Left of Washington statue
CONVY Bert 23 Jun 1933 15 Jul 1991 "Beloved" "His Star Will Shine Forever"
Game Show Host and Actor.
Courts of Remembrance
Columbarium of
Niche G-60502
COWAN Helen 1905 1980 SS/W Jerome Cowan & Emma E. Weyman
Courts of Remembrance
Columbarium of
Niche G-60502
COWAN Jerome 06 Oct 1897 NYC 24 Jan 1972 Encino CA SS/W Helen Cowan & Emma E. Weyman
Courts of Remembrance
Columbarium ofvRadiant Dawn
CRAWFORD, Mildred "Mimi" 22 Aug 1911 13 May 1989 SS/W Dennis James
Blessed Assurance
Lot 1582, Space 3
CROSBY Gary Evan 27 Jun 1933 24 Aug 1995 "Gifted Singer And Actor, Cherished Father, Friend, And Love" "Rest In Gentleness And Peace Until We Meet Again"
Son of Harry L. "Bing" & Dixie Crosby
Lincoln Terrace
L-4597, G-4
CROTHERS Scatman [Benjamin] 23 May 1910 Terre Haute IN 26 Nov 1986 "Beloved Husband And Father"
SS/W & Husb of Helen M. Crothers
Actor, Singer/Musician, Entertainer.
Lincoln Terrace
L-4597, G-4
CROTHERS Helen M. 1918 1997 "Beloved Wife And Mother"
SS/W & Wife of Benjamin "Scatman" Crothers
Sheltering Hills
Lot 490, Space 1
DASTAGIR Sheik 08 Feb 1913 India 23 Jun 1960 USA "Beloved Brother" "Until The Day Break, And The Shadows Flee Away"
Bro of Indian actor, Sabu
Killed during a robbery of his furniture store
Sheltering Hills
Lot 482, Grave 1
DASTAGIR Sabu 27 Jan 1924 India 02 Dec 1963 USA "Beloved Husband And Father" "Until The Day Break, And The Shadows Flee Away"
Mason. Indian-born motion picture actor of the 1930s, 40s, 50s, and 60s.
Court of Remembrance
large white tomb to the
left of the entrance
DAVIS Bette [Ruth Elizabeth] 05 Apr 1908 Lowell MA 06 Oct 1989 "She Did It The Hard Way"
Lot 3310, Space 4
DAY Laraine [Johnson] 13 Oct 1917 Roosevelt UT 10 Nov 2007 Actress, former Wife of Leo Durocher
Courts of Remembrance
Sanctuary of
Enduring Protection
wall crypt 3739
DEE Sandra [Alexandra Zuck] 23 Apr 1942
Bayonne NJ
20 Feb 2005
Thousand Oaks CA
"Unforgettable And Always Loved"
Wife of Bobby Darin
See photo
Morning Light
Lot 7451
DENNY Reginald L. 20 Nov 1891 16 Jun 1967 "Beloved Husband, Father And Grandfather"
Actor who also helped to invent the remote controlled radio airplane in 1932.
Lincoln Terrace
Companion Lawn
Lot 4477, Space 3B
DeVOL Frank D. 20 Sep 1911 27 Oct 1999 "Joining His Dearest, Grayce, Is This Man Of Creative Work And Venture Who Became All He Ever Hoped To Be. Cared For All He Loved. Knew The Fullness And Humor Of Life, And Enjyed His Experiences Beyond Measure. Who Could Ask For More, Indeed?"
Composer. Oscar nominee who wrote the scores for over 50 movies, as well as popular television theme music.
Sheltering Hills
DISNEY Roy Oliver 24 Jun 1893 Chicago IL 20 Dec 1971 Toluca Lake CA image US Navy ~ World War II
"A Great And Humble Man" "He Left The World A Better Place"
Son of Elias & Flora [Call] Disney
Bro of Walt Disney
Urn located in the casket
of Trainer Frank Inn
DOG Tramp     Animal Actor trained by animal trainer and breeder Frank Inn
Tramp played the role of "Arnold" the family dog on the television series, "My Three Sons" (1960-1972), starring Fred MacMurray.
  DUNCAN Michael Clark 10 Dec 1957 02 Sep 2012 Actor
Courts of Remembrance
Sanctuary of Salvation
Crypt 3733
DUNPHY Jerry 1921 20 May 2002 image Pilot Army Air Corps ~ World War II
"Beloved Father Grandfather Great-Grandfather" "From The Desert To The Sea For All Eternity"
Well-respected, influencial veteran Los Angeles TV newscaster of the 1960s thru 2002
Heart attack
See photo
Hillside Section
lot 3311, Space 2
DUROCHER Leo "The Lip" 27 Jul 1905 07 Oct 1991 "A Great Competitor And A Wonderful Father"
Former Husb of Loraine Day
Hall of Fame Major League Baseball Player, Manager.
Morning Light
DURYEA Dan 23 Jan 1907 08 Jun 1968 "Our Pop A Man Everbody Loved"
Father of Peter Duryea, actor, American stage, motion picture, and television actor of the 1940s, 50s, and 60s.
Lincoln Terrace
Companion Lawn
Lot 4448, Space 2B
EISLEY Anthony [Fred] 19 Jan 1925 20 Jan 2003 Stage, screen, and television actor who is best remembered for starring in the TV series version of "Hawaiian Eye" in the 1960s.
Lincoln Terrace
ESSERT Gary Charles 1938 1992 "Beloved"
SS/W Gary William Abrahams, Co-founder in 1971, along with partner Gary Essert, of "FILMEX," the Los Angeles Film International Festival
Columbarium of
FALLON Robert   1995 Husb of Marie Wilson Fallon, actress
Motion picture actor of the 1940s and 50s.
Columbarium of Purity
FARNSWORTH Margaret H. 1919 1985 SS/W actor Richard W. Farnsworth
Columbarium of Purity
FARNSWORTH Richard W. 01 Sep 1920 06 Oct 2000 SS/W Margaret H. Farnsworth
Stuntman for 30 years, he was 50 when he began to be recognized as an actor. He got an Oscar nomination in 1979 for his bravura performance in "Comes a Horseman."
Self inflicted gunshot
Garden of Heritage
Lot 5420
FELDMAN Marty 08 Jul 1933 London England 02 Dec 1982 Distrito Federal Mexico "He Made Us Laugh He Took My Pain Away I Love You Lauretta"
  FISHER Carrie Frances 21/Oct/1956
Beverly Hills CA
Los Angeles CA
Actress, writer & humorist
Dau of Eddie Fisher & Debbie Reynolds
Wife of Paul Simon (1983-1984)
Cremated & buried with her mother
  FREEMAN Elias Franklin 08/May/1916
Camby IN
?Sylmar CA
AKA Frank Inn, noted movie animal trainer
SS/W & Husb of Juanita Freeman
Pioneer Hollywood Animal Trainer
  FREEMAN Juanita
"Wife and Mother"
SS/W & Wife of Elias Franklin Freeman
Loving Kindness
L-7817 G-3
FROME Milton 24 Feb 1908 21 Mar 1989 "Beloved Husband And Father"
American motion picture and television actor of the 1930s, 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s.
Possible burial place FUNICELLO Annette Joanne 22 Oct 1942
Utica NY
08 Apr 2013
Bakersfield CA
American Actress and Singer ~ Mouseketeer
Dau of Joseph Edward & Virginia Jeanne [Albano] Funicello
Wife of [1] Jack Gilardi [2] Glen Holt
Multiple sclerosis
Court of Remembrance
outside and facing the
Serenity Section
GIBB Andy 05 Mar 1958 10 Mar 1988 "An Everlasting Love"
Singer. 1980s pop icon and musician
His three older brothers formed the BeeGees singing group.
Court of Remembrance GIBB Hughie 15 Jan 1916 06 Mar 1992 "The End Of An Era ~ Our Love"
1940s orchestra leader and musician
Father of Barry, Maurice and Robin Gibb of the BeeGees, and of pop icon/singer Andy Gibb.
Court of Liberty
Lot 1475
GILLAN Charles Stanley "Chuck", Jr. 29 Nov 1951
San Francisco CA
05 Mar 2002
Los Angeles CA
"I, If The Birds Do Not Come, Will Sing To You..."
SS/W Paul Winfield, longtime companion
Television set designer
Courts of Remembrance
Garden, Lot 1163, Space 1
GILLESPIE Corene [Parker] 17 Feb 1891 21 Apr 1956 "Devoted Wife, Beloved Mother"
SS/W & Wife of Haven Gillespie
See photo
Courts of Remembrance
Garden, Lot 1163, Space 1
GILLESPIE Haven 06 Feb 1888
Covington KY
14 Mar 1975
Las Vegas NV
"Husband and Father"
SS/W & Husb of Corene [Parker] Gillespie
Lyricist of "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town" with J. Fred Coots
See photo
Courts of Remembrance
Sanctuary of Enduring Protection, wall crypt
GRANT Laurence "Larry" 12 Feb 1926 21 Dec 2005 Actor
Appeared in television shows such as "Columbo" & "The Return of Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer
See photo
Lot 4972
HAYES George F. "Gabby" 07 Mat 1885 09 Feb 1969 Actor well-known for playing the sidekick role to several star actors, including John Wayne, Roy Rogers, and Randolph Scott.
Murmuring Trees
Heidt family plot
HEIDT Horace 21 May 1901 Alameda CA 01 Dec 1986 CA "An Everlasting Inspiration To His Family"
85 Yrs, American band Leader
Ascending Dawn
Lot 5282, Space 2B
HOWARD Jean Speegle 31 Jan 1927 02 Sep 2000 "Loving Wife, Nurturing Mother, Grandmother, and Talented Actress." "Her Smile Lit the Future For All Of Us."
Wife of Rance Howard
Mother of Ron & Clint Howard
Motion picture and television actress.
Courts of Remembrance
Columbarium of Radiant Dawn
JAMES Dennis 24 Aug 1917 03 Jun 1997 SS/W Mildred Crawford
Actor and game show host.
Courts of Remembrance
Columbarium of Valor
JARVIS Howard 22 Sep 1903 11 Aug 1986 Political activist, he led a taxpayer revolt In California and was instrumental in the passing of Proposition 13.
  JENSEN Janine Marie
7 Apr 1938
21 Nov 2007
Wife of Russell Warren Jensen
  JENSEN Russell Warren
06 Oct 1936
10 Nov 2007
Husb of Janine Marie Jensen
Eternal Love
Lot 4509, Space 1
JOSLYN Allyn 21 Jul 1901 21 Jan 1981 "Beloved Husband And Father"
Stage, Motion Picture, and Television Actor
Court of Liberty
Lot #1310 (behind Stan Laurel)
Note the "Batman" insignia/logo on his marker
KANE Bob [Robert] 24 Oct 1915 03 Nov 1998 "Beloved Husband, Father, Grandfather" "In Loving Memory"
Cartoonist who was the creator of "Batman" comic book character.
George Washington
Court of Valor
Lot 5512
KEATON Buster [Joseph Francis] 04 Oct 1895 Piqua KS 01 Feb 1966 Los Angeles CA H/O [1] Natalie Talmadge [2] Mae Scribbins [3] Eleanor Keaton, F/O Jimmy & Bobby Talmadge, S/O Joseph & Myra Keaton, stage comedians
  KEY Anna Luella [Brunett]
12 Apr 1919
18 Oct 2007
D/O Charles & Loretta Brunett
Wife of Wiliam Key
See obit
Remembrance KOVACS Ernie 23 Jan 1919 Trenton NJ 13 Jan 1962 CA "Nothing In Moderation ~ We All Loved Him"
Husb of [1] Betty Wilcox, M 13 Aug 1945, Div 1952 [2] Edie Adams, M 12 Sep 1954 MX
Father of Bette, Kippie & Mia Kovacs
Legendary innovative television comedian
Car accident
Lot 949, G-2
KOVACS Kippie Raleigh 04 Jan 1949 28 Jul 2001 "Ernie's Beloved Daughter Brave And Beautiful Adored Sister, Mother And Friend We All Loved Her So!"
Wife of Bill Lancaster
Mother of Keigh Lancaster
Dau of Ernie Kovacs & Betty Wilcox
Car accident
next to her father
Ernie and sister Kippie
KOVACS Mia 20 Jun 1959 08 May 1982
Los Angeles CA
"Daddy's Girl We All Loved Her, Too"
Dau of Ernie Kovacs & Edie Adams
Car accident
God's Acre, Lot 2019, Grave 1 LALANNE Jack [Francois Henri] 26 Sep 1914
San Francisco CA
23 Jan 2011
Morro Bay CA
"Fitness, exercise, nutritional expert"
Nee Francois Henri LaLanne
Husb of [1] Irma Navarre LaLanne M 1942~1948 [2] Elaine Doyle LaLanne M 1959~2011
See photo
Enduring Faith
Lot 387, Space 2
LAMOUR Dorothy [Mary Leta Dorothy Slaton] 10 Dec 1914
New Orleans LA
22 Sep 1996 Dau of John Watson & Carmen Louise Slaton
Miss New Orleans 1931
"Dorothy Lamour Howard" "Beloved Wife, Mother & Friend"
Columbarium of
Radiant Light
LANTZ Gracie 07 Nov 1903 17 Mar 1992 "Voice And Creator Of Woody Woodpecker"
SS/W & Wife of Walter Lantz, Actress. She was the voice of cartoon character "Woody Woodpecker," which was created by her husband, Walter Lantz.
Columbarium of
Radiant Light
LANTZ Walter 27 Apr 1900 22 Mar 1994 "Voice And Creator Of Woody Woodpecker"
SS/W & Husb of Gracie Lantz, Cartoonist. He created the cartoon character "Woody Woodpecker," which was voiced by his wife, Gracie Lantz.
Court of Remembrance
C-310, Wall Crypt
LAUGHTON Charles 01 Jul 1899
15 Dec 1962 Husb of Elsa Lanchester & Actor
George Washington
2nd Terrace, 910
LAUREL Stan [Arthur Stanley Jefferson] 16 Jun 1890
Ulverston England
23 Feb 1965 Husb of Ida Raphael, S/O A. J. Jefferson
"A Master Of Comedy" "His Genius In The Art Of Humor Brought Gladness To The World He Loved"
Court of Remembrance
Large White Crypt
LIBERACE Frances Zuchowski 1891 1980 Wife of Salvatore "Sam" Liberace, Mother of & B/W George & Wladziu Valentino Liberace
"Our Beloved Mom"
Court of Remembrance
Large White Crypt
LIBERACE George 31 Jul 1911 16 Oct 1983 Husb of Dora Liberace
Son of Salvatore "Sam" & Frances Zuchowski Liberace
B/W Frances & Wladziu Valentino Liberace, bro
"Son, Brother, husband of Dora"
Court of Remembrance
Large White Crypt
LIBERACE Lee [Wladziu Valentino] 16 May 1919
West Allis WI
04 Feb 1987
Palm Springs CA
Wladziu is Walter in Polish
Son of Salvatore "Sam" & Frances Zuchowski Liberace
Buried W/ Frances Liberace & George Liberace, bro
"Sheltered Love"
See photo
Enduring Faith
LINKLETTER Diane 31 Oct 1948 04 Oct 1969 "Darling, We Loved You So Much"
Dau of Art Linkletter
Courts of Remembrance
Columbarium of
Niche #G64697 [original burial site]
Columbarium of Providence
LONDON Julie 26 Sep 1926 18 Oct 2000 "Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring" "Your Love And Your Music Will Always Be With Us"
Wife of [1] Jack Webb [2] SS/W Bobby Troup
Popular Actress and Singer
L-3323, G-1
LUND Art [Arthur Earl Lund, Jr.] 01 Apr 1915 31 May 1990 "Loving Husband, Father, Friend, Our "Baba Joey"
American motion picture actor, composer, and singer
Started his career singing with Benny Goodman and Harry James.
Enduring Faith
Lot 2083
MAIN Marjorie [Marybelle Tomlinson] 24 Feb 1890 Acton IN 10 Apr 1975 Marker says "Mrs. Mary Tomlinson Krebs ~ Marjorie Main"
Dau of Rev. Samuel Joseph Tomlinson
Wife of Dr. Stanley Krebs, M 1921,
Court of Remembrance
Wall Crypt #4232
MARKS Franklyn 31 May 1911 12 Jul 1976 SS/W & Husb of W. B. Marks
Composer for several Disney films.
"Love Is All There Is"
Court of Remembrance
Wall Crypt #4232
MARKS W. B. "Emily" 23 Sep 1917 13 Feb 1995 SS/W & Wife of Franklyn Marks
Courts of Remembrance
Columbarium of
Radiant Dawn
Niche G-62310
MARTIN Helen 1909 1997 SS/W Strother Martin, Jr.
Courts of Remembrance
Columbarium of
Radiant Dawn
Niche G-62310
MARTIN Strother, Jr. 26 Mar 1919 01 Aug 1980 SS/W Helen Martin, Actor
Best known for his role as the Prison Warden in the motion picture "Cool Hand Luke." He uttered the lines "What we got here is a failure to communicate..."
  McCORMICK Pat [Arley D.] 30 Jun 1927 Lakewood OH 29 Jul 2005 Woodland Hills CA F/O Ben McCormick, Actor, Comedian, Writer.
Courts of Rememberance
Columbarium of Vigilance
Niche 62787
MEEKER Ralph 21 Nov 1920 05 Aug 1998 Actor
Court of Remembrance
Columbarium of
Radiant Dawn
MILLS Donald 29 Apr 1915 03 Nov 1999 Singer & one of the legendary Mills Brothers group
Court of Remembrance
MILLS Harry F. 1913 1982 "Your Love Will Remain In Our Hearts Forever"
Member of the Mills Brothers singing group
Unknown MILTON Raymond W.
29 Oct 1919
15 Aug 2007
Husb of Florence Jordan~Milton
Lot 3540
NELSON Harriet [Peggy Sue Snyder] 18 Jul 1909 Des Moines IA 02 Oct 1994 "Harriet H. Nelson Beloved Wife And Mother"
Wife of Ozzie Nelson, M 1935
Mother of David & Ricky Nelson
She & Ozzie starred in "The Ozzie and Harriet Radio Show" and "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet" on TV
Lot 3540
NELSON Ozzie [Oswald George] 20 Mar 1906 03 Jun 1975 "Oswald G. Nelson Beloved Husband And Father"
Husb of Harriet Nelson
Father of David & Ricky Nelson
Actor/band leader
He & Harriet starred in "The Ozzie and Harriet Radio Show" and "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet" on TV
Lot 3538
NELSON Ricky [Eric Hilliard] 08 May 1940 Teaneck NJ 31 Dec 1985 near DeKalb TX "Beloved Father And Son"
Son of Ozzie & Harriet Nelson, Singer and Actor
Former Husb of Kristin Harmon Nelson, M 1963
Father of Tracy, Gunner, Matthew & Sam Nelson,
Plane crash
Courts of Remembrance Section, Columbarium of Remembrance, Niche 60688 OSBORNE Leonard Miles "Bud" 20 Jul 1884 2 Feb 1964 Actor who played in hundreds of westerns from the 1915s through the 1950s
  PALOMO Martha H.
13 Feb 1929
27 Nov 2007
Courts of Remembrance PERRY Theresa Marie 26 May 1929 9 Nov 2009 See photo
Lot 3529
By husband, Brock
PETERS Dolores "Didi" [Daniels] 16/May/1929
Los Angeles CA
"God is all there is" Wife of film actor Brock Peters
Lot 3529
By his wife, DiDi
PETERS Brock G. 02 Jul 1927
23 Aug 2005
Los Angeles CA
"Your Strings Of Life Touched Music Empyrean, Singing Your Memory As Actor, Husband, Father, Friend Better Than You Knew. May Your Spirit Rest In Peace"
Nee George Fisher
Actor fondly remembered as the co-star of "To Kill A Mockingbird" (1962), portraying the character of Tom Robinson, a black man unjustly accused of raping a young white woman in the segregated South
Court of Remembrance
Sanctuary of Light
PRINZE Freddie 22 Jun 1954 29 Jan 1977 "We Love You ~ Psalms 23"
Father of Freddie Prinze Jr
Popular comic and television actor of the 1970s. Gained wide fame while playing the role of 'Chico Rodriquez' on TV's "Chico and the Man" opposite actor Jack Albertson. Self-inflicted gunshot
See photo
  PUSKAR Juhan
27 May 1929
1 Nov 2007
Husb of Inge Puskar
Court of Remembrance
Sanctuary of Light
RAFT George 26 Sep 1895 24 Nov 1980 Popular actor from the 1920s to 1980
Court of Remembrance
Wall Elevation 9A
Wall Crypt 3186
RAWLS Lou Allen 01 Dec 1933 Chicago IL 06 Jan 2006 "Paratrooper in the United States Army's 82nd Airborne Divison 1954 ~ 1958"
"Amazing Husband, Father, Humanitarian" "Yeah Buddy"
Husb of Nina Malek Inman Rawls
Grammy award-winning soul singer, humanitarian and actor
  REYNOLDS Debbie 01/Apr/1932
El Paso TX
Los Angeles CA
Nee Mary Frances Reynolds
Dau of Raymond Francis "Ray" & Maxene "Minnie" [Harman] Reynolds
Wife of:
[1] Eddie Fisher (1955-1959)
[2] Harry Karl (1960-1973)
[3] Richard Hamlett (1984-1996)
  RINEMAN Therese M. [Torre]
03 Mar 1912
11 Dec 2007
Dau of Victor & Augusta Torre
Wife of Ward Rineman
Court of Liberty
Lot 1622
RITTER John 17 Sep 1948 11 Sep 2003 "Beloved Husband, Father, Brother, Son and Friend" "And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make..." Beatles
Son of Tex [Woodward Maurice] & Dorothy Fay [Southworth] Ritter, actor
Court of Remembrance
Lot #975
ROBARDS Jason Nelson, Sr. 31 Dec 1892 04 Apr 1963 Actor and father of actor Jason Robards, Jr.
Court of Remembrance SANFORD Isabel 29 Aug 1917 NYC 09 Jul 2004 USA "Beloved Mother, Grandmother, Great Grandmother And Friend"
Actress best known for her role as 'Louise "Weezie" Jefferson' on the popular 1970s and 1980s television sitcom "The Jeffersons."
See photo
Lincoln Terrace
Plot #4596
SAVALAS George 05 Dec 1924 02 Oct 1985 "Beloved Husband And Father, Devoted Son, Loyal Brother, And Loving Uncle. He Brought Strength To His Family And Honor To His Country. We Cherish His Memory"
Bro of Telly Savalas, Actor & Mason
Court of Liberty
Lot 1281
SAVALAS Telly Aristotle 21 Jan 1922 Garden City NY 22 Jan 1994 Universal City CA image "US Army ~ World War II ~ Purple Heart"
"The hour of departure has arrived, and we go our ways ~ I to die and you to live. Which is better God only knows. ~Aristotle"
Motion Picture & Television Actor
George Washington Section
Courts of Liberty
Plot 819
SHAY Larry 10 Aug 1897 22 Feb 1988 "He Filled Our Hearts With Music Composer of 'When You're Smiling' The Whole World Smiles With You"
SS/W Doris Olson Shay
American film & television actor
Lyricist and composer, composer of "When You're Smiling" The whole world smiles with you
George Washington Section
Courts of Liberty
Plot 819
SHAY Doris Olson 1904 1990 "Everywhere You Go Sunshine Follows You"
SS/W Larry Shay
Court of Liberty
L-1363 G-3
SHERWOOD Roberta 01 Jul 1913 05 Jul 1999 Wife of Don Lanning, Singer
"Up A Lazy River" and "You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You" were two of her most popular songs
Murmuring Trees
L-2071, G-3
SHIMADA Teru 17 Nov 1905 Japan 19 Jun 1988 "Ojichan"
Japanese-born motion picture and television actor of the 1930s, 40s, 50s, and 60s
Played the role of 'Mr. Osato' in the 1967 James Bond action film "You Only Live Twice."
Eternal Love
Lot 3980
SOO Jack [Goro Suzuki] 28 Oct 1917
Oakland CA
11 Jan 1979 "Beloved Husband And Father"
Actor born Goro Suzuki in Oakland, California, he was swept up in the relocation of those of Japanese descent during the Second World War. He was sent to Topaz Relocation Center in Utah where he was a camp favorite serving as entertainer and singer at dances and events.
Eternal Love, Map E23, Lot 4592, Space 4 SPURLING Elsie Beatrice
Wife of Robert H. Spurling See: Westside Cemetery, Taft CA
Related to: Tony D,
Eternal Love
Lot 4002, Space 3
ST. JACQUES Raymond 01 Mar 1930 27 Aug 1990 "Our Beloved Son And Brother"
Father of Sterling St. Jacques
American motion picture and television actor of the 1960s to 1990
Courts of Remembrance
Columbarium of Providence
Niche 64689
STEELE Bob [Robert N. Bradbury] 23 Jan 1907 Portland OR 21 Dec 1989 SS/W William C. & Evelyn M. Bradbury
Actor who starred in more than 120 western films from 1927 to 1946
Courts of Remembrance
Columbarium of Providence
STEIGER Rod [Rodney Stephan] 10 Aug 1925 Westhampton NY 09 Jul 2002 Los Angeles CA American film and television actor
Oscar for Best Actor in 1967
Courts of Remembrance
Columbarium of Valor
Niche G64649
STEVENSON McLean [Edgar McLean] 14 Nov 1927 McLean CO IN 15 Feb 1996 Tarzana CA image US Navy
Bro of actress Ann Whitney, Character Actor, Comedy Writer. "MASH" landed him a leading role as mythical Henry Blake. Cremains
Court of Liberty
Lot 833
TALMAN William Whitney 4 Feb 1915 Detroit Mi 30 Aug 1968 "Devoted Father Loved By All"
Husb of [1] Lynne Carter [2] Barbara Read [3] Margaret Flanagan, Actor
Best known as 'Hamilton Burger,' the perpetually unsuccessful District Attorney on the popular "Perry Mason" television series (1957-1966)
Sheltering Hills Section
Plot 3813
TAYBACK Vic [Vic Tabback] 06 Jan 1930 25 May1990 "Beloved Husband And Father"
Actor best known for his role as 'Mel' in the television series "Alice."
  TAYLOR Norma Grace [Young]
8 Aug 1912 UT
28 Jul 2007 CA
Dau of Reuben & Flossie Young
Wife of Dr. Cuthbert Taylor
See obit
Lot 3821, Grave 4
TEAGARDEN Jack [Weldon Leo] 20 Aug 1905 Vernon TX 15 Jan 1964 "Where There Is Hatred Let Me Sow Love."
58 Yrs, Son of Charles & Helen Teagarden
Bro of Norma, Charley & Clois Teagarden, Jazz Musician, Actor, Singer
Loving Kindness Section, Lot 6744, Space 1 TILTON Martha 14 Nov 1915 Corpus Christi TX 08 Dec 2006 Brentwood CA Singer, Actress. A big-band singer of the 1930s and 1940s
She was a lead vocalist for the Benny Goodman Orchestra and is best known for the song "And the Angels Sing"
Columbarium of Providence TROUP Bobby 18 Oct 1918 07 Feb 1999 "Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring" "Your Love And Your Music Will Always Be With Us"
Husb of & SS/W Julie London.
Actor and songwriter. He wrote the popular tune "Route 66."
Court of Remembrance
Columbarium of
Radiant Dawn
TUCKER Forrest 12 Feb 1919
Plainfield IA
25 Oct 1986
Woodland Hills CA
H/O Sandra Jolley & Marilyn Fisk plus two others, Actor, best remembered for his role of Sergeant Morgan O'Rourke on the television comedy series "F Troop" (1965-1967). At 6 foot 5 inches and 200 pounds, he was both a hero and a villain in numerous action films throughout the 1940s and 1950s
Courts of Remembrance
(Front lawn, right side middle)
Serenity Section, Lot 156
VAN CLEEF Lee 9 Jan 1925 16 Dec 1989 image "US Navy ~ World War II"
"Best of the Bad ~ Love and Light"
Actor, usually playing menacing roles in westerns both in films and on television
Court of Remembrance WAKELY Jimmy 16 Feb 1914 23 Sep 1982 Country western singer and actor
Court of Liberty, Gardens of Heritage, Lot 393 WALKER Paul 12/Sep/1973
Glendale CA
Valencia CA
Best remembered for his role as Brian O'Conner in the blockbuster action 'Fast & Furious' films, died in a car accident
Murmuring Trees, Space 2 WALKER Pauline G. 1920 2013  
Tenderness, Lot 3311, Space 4 WALKER Pauline L.[King] 29/Jan/1905 18/Feb/1997  
Court of Remembrance
Columbarium of Remembrance
Niche 61905
WARD Dorothy L. 15 Sep 1905 10 Feb 2000 "Loved & Remembered Always"
SS/W Iris Adrian
In the walled, n/e corner of the Court of Liberty areathe section
furthest to the east of
the Washington statue
WAYNE Bruce 1933 04 Jun 1986 image "US Air Force ~ Korea"
"Dean Of America's Traffic Reporters"
Worked for many years as the "KFI in the Sky" traffic reporter as part of the popular "Lohman & Barkley" show on radio station KFI-AM (640) in Los Angeles. He was killed on the job in a 1986 plane crash.
Sheltering Hills, Lot 1999 WEBB Jack [John Randolph] 2 Apr 1920
Santa Monica CA
23 Dec 1982 image "US Army Air Force ~ World War II"
Husb of Julie London Webb
Father of Stacy & Alisa Webb
Actor best remembered for his role of Police Sgt. Joe Friday on the television series "Dragnet" in the 1960s and 1970s
Courts of Remembrance
Columbarium of Remembrance
Niche G-60502
WEYMAN Emma E. 1896 1978 SS/W Jerome & Helen Cowan
Lincoln Terrace
L-4229, G-6A
WILBUR Crane 17 Nov 1886 18 Oct 1973 "Beloved Husband And Uncle"
SS/W & Husb of Lenita Lane
Nephew of Tyron Power, Sr. American screenwriter 1910 - 1960s
Lincoln Terrace
L-4229, G-6A
WILBUR Lenita Mary 1901 1995 "In Loving Memory Of" "Wife of Crane Wilbur"
SS/W & Wife of Crane Wilbur
Enduring Faith
L-2550, G-2 [unmarked]
WILLIAMS Bill 15 May 1916 21 Sep 1992 Husb of Barbara Hale
Father of William Katt
Actor who appeared in motion pictures and and on television from the 1930s to the 1980s
Enduring Faith
Lot 822, Space 1
WILSON Dick [Riccard DiGuglielmo] 30 Jun 1916 19 Nov 2007 Father of Melanie Wilson
Played the role of grocer Mr. Whipple in over 500 commercials, his famous line of "Please don't squeeze the Charmin"
Columbarium of Remembrance
WILSON Marie 19 Aug 1916 23 Nov 1972 "Wife, Mother, Actress"
Wife of Robert Fallon Motion picture, radio, and television actress of the 1930s, 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s
She played the lead role in the 1950s television series "My Friend Irma."
Court of Liberty
Lot 1475
WINFIELD Paul 22 May 1939 Los Angeles CA 07 Mar 2004 Los Angeles CA "I, If The Birds Do Not Come, Will Sing To You..."
SS/W Charles S. Gillan, Jr., longtime companion
Oscar nominated & Emmy award winning actor
Urn located in the casket
of Trainer Frank Inn
ZIFFEL Arnold 1964 1972 Pig Animal Actor on "Green Acres" TV show.

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