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ACKAERT Hector 1866
1929 Hector was born In France and came to the US as a widower with his children. His Daughter Germaine married my great great uncle Exeart Lamoureaux.
~info from Angelina Wilson
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John 4/22/1924 7/27/1998 WT2 US Navy WW II
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BAGLEY Christopher M. "Chris" 5/3/1965 3/29/2013  
BOISVERT Narcisse 12/1832 5/7/1917 My GGG grandfather. He was born in Canada and followed the mills down to Sturbridge,Southbridge and Douglas,MA. He hand made his and his wife’s stone. It consists of cement poured into a border of a wood stove oven door frame then he with a stick or finger wrote on it. It cannot be read now very well. What a sign of love for your wife to do that for her.
~info from Angelina Wilson
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BOISVERT Sophrine Beauchamp 6/1831 11/25/1911 wife of Narcisse
Her stone was hand made It consists of cement poured into a border of a wood stove oven door frame then her husband with a stick or finger wrote on it. It cannot be read now very well. What a sign of love for your wife to do that for her. She too came from Canada.
~info from Angelina Wilson
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BORDO Marie Josephine (Gallien) 1887 1955 wife of Oveler
Oveler’s wife. She died young of TB. Her youngest son now gone remembered seeing her through sanitarium windows. How very sad.
~Info from Angelina Wilson
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BORDO Oveler 1885 1964 s/o Roham & Josephine (Boisvert) Lamoureaux
Brother to Delia Bordeau Gendron. The spelling of the surname is different on each stone. Oveler married Josephine Gallien and had 3 kids. She died from TB.
~Info from Angelina Wilson
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CLOUTIER Adelard 1892 1929 See photo
COLLINS Pearl S. (Hemingway) 1935 1993 See photo
COUILLARD Pierre L., Dr.   10/11/1918 See photo
DAZIEL Archie 1879   See photo
DAZIEL Eileen A.(Dudley) 10/21/1908
Rowley, MA
Venice, FL
Dates of birth and death per SSDI
w/o Howard A Daziel
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DAZIEL Emma L. (McDonald) 1881   wife of Archie
See photo
DAZIEL Howard A. 12/31/1912 3/5/2006 s/o Archie & Emma L
See photo
DUMAS Eileen A. (Hemingway) 1938 1964 See photo
DUMAS Josephine V. (Hemingway) 1932 1968 See photo
FAGAN Joseph 1848 8/15/1909 See photo
FAGAN Virginie 1855 1943 wife of Joseph
See photo
Richard 1/16/1929 2/10/1995 PFC US Army Korea
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GENDRON Delia (Bordeau) 1883 1965 wife of Philias
d/o Roham & Josephine (Boisvert) Lamoureaux
Delia married Philias Gendron an they lived in Manchaug,MA near her sisters Parmelia and Anna. All 3 are buried together.
~Info from Angelina Wilson
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GENDRON Philias "Phil" 1873 1951 See photo
GODIN Anna 1889 1947 wife of Joseph F
See photo
GODIN Joseph F. 1887   See photo
GOYETTE Bernadette     See photo
GREENE Delia 1867 1926 See photo
GREENE Frank A. Sr. 1877 1952  
HASKINS Aurore (Jodion) 1894 1984 d/o Ovide & Amanda (Plante) Jodoin
See photo
HEMINGWAY Anna M. (Bordeau) 1888 1968 wife of Judson
d/o Roham & Josephine (Boisvert) Lamoureaux
Anna married Parmelia’s husband’s brother Judson Hemingway and they lived close to each other in Manchaug,MA
~Info provided by Angelina WilsonSee photo
HEMINGWAY David 11/2/1869 12/26/1955 My great grandfather. David was a lumberjack and a fireman during his life. He had a grandson named after him as well. He is said to have been a quiet simple man.
~Info from Angelina Wilson
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HEMINGWAY Judson "Jack" 1884 1950 Judson was known to family as Jack. He married his brother David’s wife’s sister Anna
~Info from Angelina Wilson
HEMINGWAY Parmelia (Bordeau) 1/10/1880 1/3/1960 w/o David Hemingway
d/o Roham & Josephine (Boisvert) Lamoureaux
Parmelia was my great grandmother. she was a very tall lady and would only speak to her grandkids in French. She was born in Taftville,CT to Fr. Canadian parents. She and her sister Anna married brothers David and Judson Hemingway.
~Info from Angelina Wilson
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Adelard E. 6/10/1898 6/15/1959 Rhode Island PVT Btry E 79 Field Arty WW II
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JODOIN Amanda (Plante) 1874 1903 wife of Ovide
See photo
JODOIN Maria A. (Cloutier) 1880 1950 wife of Ovide
See photo
JODOIN Ovide 1870 1945 See photo
KERBER Philomene (Nalet) 1878 1958  
KING George 1868 1939 See photo
KING Rosanna 1879 1950 wife of George
See photo
LAMOUREUX Josephine (Boisvert) 1855
Quebec, Canada
1943 d/o Narcisse & Sophrine (Beauchamp) Boisvert
w/o Roham
Daughter of the above couple. Josephine was born in Canada. She came to the Us and married 1st Amedee Bourdeau. They had 5 children before he died of TB. She remarried Roham Lamoureaux and they had a son.
~Info from Angelina Wilson
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LAMOUREUX Roham 1847 1934 Roham was a widower with many children when he married Josephine (above) and together they had a son.
~Info from Angelina Wilson
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LAVALLE Louise 1928  
LAVALLEE Doris A. 1926 2005 wife of Henry
See photo
Henry 5/23/1924 8/1/2011 CM3 US Navy WW II
See photo
McCARTHY Adrienne 1909 1978 wife of Ovide
See photo
McCARTHY Ovide 1902 1994 See photo
McCARTHY Prosper 1866 1949  
McDONALD Albert 1877 1944  
McDONALD Emma 1881 1955  
McDONALD John 1890 4/21/1923  
McDONALD Louise (Lamoureaux) 1890 1975 d/o Roham & Josephine (Bosivert)
wife of William
Louise was Roham’s youngest child and was raised by Josephine as her own. She married William McDonald.
~Info from Angelina Wilson
McDONALD William 1891 1968  
PASCAL Honore 1875 1943  
PASCAL Louise 1880 1950  
PASCAL Samuel A. 1903 1980  
PASCAL Yvonne (Nalet) 1902 1977  
PETIT Joseph M. 4/1/1876 6/29/1950  
Petit Josephine L. 12/18/1859 1/8/1944  
PETIT Stanislas R. 2/23/1864 5/12/1936  
PICARD Floride 1913    
PICARD Roland 1914 1971  
PINONNEAULT Elzear 1856 1934  
PLANTE Delima 1871 1949  
PLANTE Rosanna 1912    
PROVOST Albina 1887 11/25/1909 wife of Henry
VADENAIS Delia B. Fanion 1869 1946 See photo
VADENIAS Edward 1908    
VADENAIS Henry 4/14/1898 3/9/1929  
WILSON Angelina "Angie" (Hemingway) 6/17/1912 4/29/1980 wife of Robert
d/o David & Parmelia (Bordeau) Hemingway
This is my grandmother for whom I am named. I remember my gram as a loving woman who thought the world of me. She is said to have been a strict but loving mother. She was a great cook. She was not rich by any stretch but made do with what she had. I miss her and sure wish she’d stayed around a little longer. ~Info from Angelina Wilson
See photo
Robert "Bob" Sr. 12/12/1900 9/20/1973 Connecticut PVT US Army WW II
s/o Thomas & Patience Wilson
My grandfather for whom my father is named. He was a WWII vet. He died 11 months before my birth so I never got to meet him.
~Info from Angelina Wilson
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