Dougherty Cemetery
Murray County, Oklahoma

Transcribed, Submitted, Used with permission & © by Dennis Muncrief

Dougherty is a small community in the heart of the Arbuckle Mountains. It is located on the banks of the Washita River in prime farming and ranching land. The Cemetery was originally part of the Chickasaw Indian Allotment to the Mazeppa Turner family. When Mazeppa started building his home on a hill in the middle of his allotment, ancient Indian graves were uncovered when digging began. Mazeppa applied to have his allotment changed to an area on the Washita River. The Old Indian Gravesite' was used as the local burial site after that. Of interest may be that the 1940's & '50's big band singer, Kay Starr, was born and raised in Dougherty. Her parents are buried in the cemetery. The Town of Dougherty is at the end of SH 110, about 10 miles southeast of Davis, OK. The cemetery on the east side of town is in excellant condition and well kept. There is much pride in the cemetery and local people are adding gravestones to many of the unmarked graves as records are discovered.

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Surnames beginning with G

Gaddy J. T. b. 1/12/1876 d. 9/15/1920  
Gaddy James Harold b. 12/29/1931 d. no date h/o Shirley Ann
Gaddy Little Sister b. 2/11/1909 d. 7/21/1909 d/o Newt & Nettie
Gaddy Newt J. b. 8/7/1879 d. 7/5/1959 h/o Nettie M.
Gaddy Shirley Ann b. 8/17/1935 d. 2/8/1995  
Garrett Bobby b. 5/29/1927 d. 8/12/1991  
Garrison Steve b. 10/15/1874 d. 8/23/1896  
Gately Sharon Dalene b. 11/29/1948 d. 7/17/1989  
George Mary Musgroves b. 10/1/1894 d. 3/16/1985  
Robert L. b. 6/8/1888 d. 6/15/1960 WWI
Gibson Athella b. 7/31/1890 d. 11/18/1935 w/o Bart Gibson
Gibson Bart b. 5/28/1890 d. 7/29/1970  
Gibson Beatrice b. 1/17/1917 d. 2/22/1918 d/o Claude & Mattie
Gibson Bertie Elkins b. 6/16/1908 d. 12/18/1999 m. 10/18/1924
Gibson Claude b. 2/17/1885 d. 3/2/1964  
Gibson Connie N. b. 3/19/1887 d. 4/15/1936 Daddy
Gibson 'Hoot' b. 3/30/1904 d. 11/2/1981 h/o BEG
Gibson Irene b. 2/15/1921 d. 9/9/1991  
James E. b. 2/11/1888 d. 2/12/1951 WWI
Gibson Joe Allen b. 8/19/1934 d. 9/1/1934  
Gibson L.L.   d. 11/20/1916 Age 60 Yrs.
Gibson Mollie b. May 1909 d. May 1961 w/o Ralph Gibson
Gibson Ralph b. Feb 1909 d. Jan 1948  
Gibson Victoria b. 2/5/1861 d. 12/13/1933  
Gibson Willie b. 1891 d. 1974 Mamma
Carol C. b. 4/11/1920 d. 1/23/1979 WWII
Giddens Cordia A. b. 1/22/1895 d. 10/5/1980 w/o RQG
Giddens Roger Q. b. 9/29/1894 d. 7/1/1944 h/o CAG
b. 2/20/1915 d. 7/3/1977 born Chu Viet Nam
Goodwin ?     steel marker
bearly readable
Goodwin Mary Mardell b. 9/27/1907 d. 8/30/1975  
Grady Charles F. b. 4/23/1914 d. 12/1/1952  
Grady John D. b. 12/4/1882 d. 9/8/1921  
Green Arthur b. 12/14/1900 d. 10/24/1924  
Green Richard Edwin b. 8/16/1908 d. 8/29/1981 WWII
Green Roy C. b. 12/15/1889 d. 1/2/1956  
Green Sarah E. b. July 1879 d. Oct 1940  
Green Thomas E. b. 1881 d. 1921  
Guthbert   b. 6/22/1899 d. 11/12/1905 s/o Willie & Navy Samples

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