Dougherty Cemetery
Murray County, Oklahoma

Transcribed, Submitted, Used with permission & © by Dennis Muncrief

Dougherty is a small community in the heart of the Arbuckle Mountains. It is located on the banks of the Washita River in prime farming and ranching land. The Cemetery was originally part of the Chickasaw Indian Allotment to the Mazeppa Turner family. When Mazeppa started building his home on a hill in the middle of his allotment, ancient Indian graves were uncovered when digging began. Mazeppa applied to have his allotment changed to an area on the Washita River. The Old Indian Gravesite' was used as the local burial site after that. Of interest may be that the 1940's & '50's big band singer, Kay Starr, was born and raised in Dougherty. Her parents are buried in the cemetery. The Town of Dougherty is at the end of SH 110, about 10 miles southeast of Davis, OK. The cemetery on the east side of town is in excellant condition and well kept. There is much pride in the cemetery and local people are adding gravestones to many of the unmarked graves as records are discovered.

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Surnames beginning with W

Brice M. b. 3/2/1897 d. 1/29/1981 m. 8/12/1924
Wallace Clyde Walton b. 4/30/1905 d. 12/18/1978  
Wallace Mollie E. b. 9/28/1900 d. 8/1/1988 w/o BMW
Wallace Stanley Wayne b. 8/13/1938 d. 4/26/1993  
Wallace Thomas William b. 2.4.1890 d. 8/26/1960  
Walls Billie Ruth b. 8/24/1920 d. no date  
Walls Ira Lora b. 3/20/1912 d. 8/20/1993 h/o Billie Ruth
Ward Robert Cleveland b. 2/11/1946 d. 4/11/1946  
James B. b. 3/7/1916 d. 6/8/1991 WWII
Watson Allen b. 2/20/1891 d. 3/25/1899  
Watson Anna b. 6/23/1888 d. 12/28/1927 w/o WJW
Watson Betty b. 1859 d. 1937 w/o WRW
Watson Byron King 4/6/1919   h/o Jennie Mae
Watson Doris b. 2/18/1942 d. 4/06/2004  
Watson Eugene b. 6/10/1892 d. 1/12/1953  
Watson Jennie Mae b. 2/28/1924 d. 6/4/1995 m. 6/22/1940
Watson Katy b. 4/27/1887 d. 9/?/1890  
Watson Larry K. b. 8/25/1941 d. 6/6/1991  
Watson Larry b. 6/30/1941 d. 7/8/1991  
Watson Lorene 6/18/1917    
Watson Lyns Allen   d. 7/8/1964 87 Yrs 4 Days
Watson Matena b. 9/2/1890 d. 12/12/1915  
Watson Oveline 6/19/1917    
Watson Owen G. b. 8/21/1913 d. 3/31/1950  
Watson Shirley A. b. 9/7/1935 d. 9/30/1993  
Watson W.R. b. 1849 d. 1909  
Watson William S. b. 8/6/1883 d. 6/29/1954  
Watson? 'T.A.W.'     carved into native
stone in Watson plot
Wayne? Al     Concrete Block
nearly unreadable
Weber Laura J. b. 3/23/1886 d. 9/14/1895 d/o E & C
Weber Martin b. 9/1/1848 d. 1/14/1918  
Weldon Alice Fay b. 7/19/1961 d. 1/23/1990  
West Bettie b. 3/16/1879 d. 12/7/1969  
West Bradie S. b. 1887 d. 1918 s/o JW & MJ West
West Charles B. b. 10/27/1883 d. 11/30/1946  
West James Williams b. 5/27/1841 d. 8/12/1937  
West Mary Josephine b. 4/12/1859 d. 12/7/1921 w/o JWW
West Oliver W. b. 3/11/1886 d. 4/11/1979  
West Raymond b. 12/24/1918 d. 3/23/2000  
West Thomas B. b. 10/7/1889 d. 9/18/1971  
West Una L. b. 1/22/1892 d. 3/12/1980 w/o TBW
White Alice Maude George b. 1/29/1931 d. 11/15/1993  
Whitfield Lillie Jean b. Jan 1931 d. no date  
Whitley T. A. b. 12/4/1870 d. 9/13/1899  
Wilde Mary M. b. 8/13/1893 d. 8/3/1974 m. 7/8/1925
Wilde Mr b. 8/31/1888 d. 5/23/1961 h/o MMW
Wiles James Leonard b. 7/14/1920 d. 5/9/1983  
Wiles Ricky Wayne b. 4/29/1953 d. 11/14/1980  
Williams Emma Josephine b. 12/29/1891 d. 1/8/1938 w/o L.W.
Williams John b. 2/10/1838 d. 12/31/1899 h/o E.V.W.
Williams Kenneth Ray b. 6/1/1939 d. 10/16/1990  
Williams Lawrence b. 1916 d. 1918 s/o LW & JE
Williams Lorene b. 1916 d. 1916 d/o LW & JE
Wilson Cleveland W. b. 8/13/1874 d. 5/20/1902  
Vicki Modena b. 8/19/1947 d. 2/20/1995 USA
Wood Dessie A. b. 3/15/1888 d. 2/10/1967 m. 12/24/1903
Wood Dolphes b. May 1917 d. Feb. 1912 s/o JJ & Dess Wood
Wood Effie F. b. 12/7/1894 d. 5/15/1966 m. 8/24/1945
Wood James J. b. 7/18/1883 d. 9/5/1973 h/o DAW
Wood Leonard A. b. 8/15/1888 d. 11/22/1969 h/o EFW
Woods George Allen b. 12/2/1897 d. 12/15/1972 s/o GWW
Woods George W. b. 12/13/1856 d. 1/18/1952  
Woods James A. b. 10/10/1871 d. 1/9/1946  
Woods Josh A. b. 3/23/1901 d. 1/4/1968  
Woods Lou Ella b. 2/12/1875 d. 4/27/1939 w/o JAW
Wright L. B. b. 8/28/1865 d. 12/31/1901 w/o IS Wright
d/o M. Turner
Wright Mary A. b. 5/24/1898 d. 7/10/1898 d/o I.S. & Lizzie B.
Wright Robert b. 4/10/1867 d. 3/1/1913  
Willie M. Feb 14, 1928   WWI
Wynn Asa T. b. 7/7/1897 d. 7/13/1975 m. 9/15/1918
Wynn Doyle E. Sr. b. 11/22/1929 d. 11/28/1985  
Wynn Leta O. b. 2/10/1929 d. 1/9/1987  
Wynn Nellie b. 9/15/1896 d. 4/2/1996 w/o ATW

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