Old Five Mile Cemetery
Murray County, Oklahoma

Transcribed, Submitted, Used with permission & © by Dennis Muncrief

This African American Cemetery is located 11 miles west of Davis, Murray Co., OK on Hiway 7. There are about 119 marked but unknown graves. Some of these are marked with metal pipes. There are many native stone markers with no inscriptions. Original registry by the Arbuckle Historical Society, with reorganization by Dennis Muncrief.
To get to the cemetery from Davis, OK go west on SH 7 about 9 1/2 miles to Mountain View road. Turn left (south) and go to the first section line and turn right (west). Travel west on the county road 9/10ths of a mile. There is a sign on the right that reads "Arbuckle Ranch" with an underground house. The pasture gate will be there on the left. Take the pasture road 3/10ths of a mile over the hill until you come to a fork in the path, take the right fork. Continue down the hill until you come to the flat near a creek. The cemetery is about fifty yards to the right (west) in a grove of trees.
This cemetery is one of the most historically significant cemeteries in Murray County as it is an African American cemetery which contains the Chickasaw and Choctaw Freedmen (ex-slaves) and their descendants. The slaves were brought with the Chickasaw and Choctaw people when the U.S. Government removed them from Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee.
Old Five Mile is one of the first cemeteries in Murray County and possibly the oldest as there are many graves marked with only native stones. There are also five graves that are the typical stone monoliths of Chickasaw burials. Descendants of these interred still live in the area known as Jacksonville. Before school integration there was a county school in the area known as Jackson Special School for local black children.
The cemetery has been horribly vandalized with every tombstone, save one, toppled and smashed to pieces. The information on some of the stones could not be pieced together as some of the stones had missing parts. I visited and read this cemetery in Feb of 2004.

If you have a photograph, obit, would like to write a bio on someone buried in Old Five Mile Cemetery, and/or would like to volunteer to photograph Old Five Mile Cemetery for us,
please email me.

???? Angeline 14 May 1880 12 Aug 1906 Wife of S? E? (missing parts)
Abram Sanders   19 Aug 1891 about 52 yrs old
Austin Joanna   23 Aug 1895 Married Benjamin Mason 12/24/1866
Brown Dealia   30 Sep 1902 Age 36 yrs
Franklin Alexander 5 Feb 1883 28 Dec 1906  
Franklin Alexandrew   24 Apr 1895 Age 85 yrs
Franklin Alfred 1860 28 Dec 1897  
Franklin Bailey   16 Nov 1893 Age 50 years
Franklin Buck Sep 1810 Sep 1875  
Franklin Buck 1790?   Typical Chickasaw stone grave
Franklin Creek 26 Feb 1893 13 May 1896  
Franklin David 16 Aug 1900   Age 65 yrs
Franklin Delora 17 Jan 1873 22 Oct 1894  
Franklin Eliza 1867 27 Dec 1891 Age 24 yrs, Wife of Walter
Franklin Eliza     Daughter of J. and H. Franklin
Franklin Elizabeth   6 May 1897 Wife of J. C.
Franklin Infant 1895 1 Mar 1895 Daughter of P. F. and L. F.
Franklin James C. 10 Dec 1905 1 Apr 1906 Son of J. C. and H.
Franklin Levy   15 Feb 1868 Age 31 yrs
Franklin Lorene 14 Jun 1884 4 May 1905  
Franklin Lula M. 14 Feb 1895 28/1897 Daughter of A. and M.
Franklin Malinda 1870 14 Mar 1898 Wife of P.
Franklin Manerva 9 May 1863 28 Jun 1898  
Franklin Millie 1847 25 Dec 1891 Wife of Dave
Franklin Reuben 3 Sep 1887 1896 Son of P. and M.
Franklin Willie 3 Sep 1887 1 Oct 1887  
James Leah   2 Feb 1877  
Johnson Pricillia Aug 1860   Wife of Eli
Jones Delphi No dates   Age 70 yrs
Wife of Phil
Jones Phil No dates   About 70 yrs
Newberry Callie   29 Sep 1903 Age 60 yrs
Newberry Lydia 12 Aug 1888 31 Nov 1904 (note death date?)
Newberry Sonnie 1 Jan 1821 19 Jan 1893  
Newberry W. N.   1 Oct 1895 Age 54 yrs
Peters Emerline   14 Nov 1898  
Philips Susan   21 Oct 1891 Age 50 yrs
Wife of James
Prince Newt 25 Feb 1849 16 Jan 1906  
Settles Matilda No dates   Age 60 yrs
Stephenson Manervy 1831 23 Oct 1906  
Williams Mary   13 May 1882 Age 21 yrs
Young Mime   12 Jan 1908 Age 53 yrs, Wife of James

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