Chambers Cemetery

Verdigris, OK

Cemetery Pic
Submitted & © by: Sheryl Lord

Cemetery Pic
Submitted & © by: Sheryl Lord

Cemetery Pic
Submitted & © by: Sheryl Lord

Cemetery Pic
Submitted & © by: Sheryl Lord

This is a Trail of Tears Cherokee Cemetery.

From I 44 go north on Hwy 66 towards Claremore, turn east on Flint Road (EW 51) by the Microtel Motel to Frederick Rd (NS 414), go south to Gordan Rd (EW 53) go west about 1 block, go south on NS 414. Follow the road into an Ostrick Farm. There is never anyone that answers the door at the Mobile Home. Just follow the road, thru a gate, to the left and it will take you back to the cemetey.

This cemetery is on private property and is well maintained. There is a main cemetery with wrought iron fencing. Some grave are inside other wrought iron fencing around the main cemetery. Some graves are not fenced at all. The fencing is very old and beautiful.

The oldest marked grave is Alcy Chambers, b. no date, d. 8 Apr 1858.

If you have family buried in this cemetery and would like to add their names and information,
please send me an e-mail.
Bacon C. H. 11/17/1849 9/29/1915 h/o Sarah
See photo
Bacon Sarah 9/10/1849 6/8/1899 w/o C H Bacon
See photo
Chambers Alcy   4/8/1858 age 3 days
d/o H & N Chambers
See photo
Chambers Anne Eliza 4/2/1846 7/8/1876 d/o H & N Chambers
See photo
Chambers Bettie 1/31/1893 10/22/1893 d/o W M & J B Chambers
See photo
Chambers Emma Wilcox no dates   See photo
Chambers Henry E. 12/4/1879 12/26/1880/
See photo
Chambers Henry no date 12/10/1891 age 68 yrs 7 mos 17 dys
h/o Nancy Chambers
See photo
Chambers Infant Son 7/1892 10/1892 child of V & J D Chambers
Chambers J. P. 4/19/1854 7/15/1896 See photo
Chambers Jennie D. McCoy 4/25/1854 9/8/1940 w/o Vann Chambers
See photo
Lewis A. 2/4/1882 11/8/1951 Oklahoma COL 142 Inf 36 Dec WW I
See photo
Chambers Loviy Ray no date 6/15/1875 age 2 Yrs 10 Mos 11 Dys
s/o Wm & P Chambers
See photo
Chambers Mary 3/2/1876 11/30/1876 d/o V J & Chambers
See photo
Chambers Nancy no date 1/26/1879 age 50 yrs
w/o Henry
See photo
Chambers Nancy J. 9/1/1862 6/13/1884 See photo
Chambers Pauline no date 1/14/1892 age 37 yrs
w/o William W Chambers
See photo
Chambers Vann 2/17/1850 2/6/1934 h/o Jennie D (McCoy) Chambers
See photo
Chambers William W. 1/22/1832 7/4/1908 See photo
Cherry Agnes 5/5/1905 10/14/1986 See photo
Cherry Evelyn 10/5/1925 12/2/1936 See photo
Cherry Joanna 10/1941 7/1947 See photo
Cherry John W. 11/14/1903 12/16/1968 See photo
Coon Charlie E. 7/14/1893 9/1/1894 s/o R M & S E Coon
See photo
Coon Grover C. 5/11/1892 5/16/1892 s/o R M & S E Coon
See photo
Crutchfield Clement no date 1/2/18?? age 11 yrs
Daffron Effey 7/17/1879 9/26/1887 See photo
Denney Hulbert 3/14/1880 11/18/1880 See photo
Denney L. B. 3/6/1860 1/30/1881 w/o D L Denney
See photo
Denney W. E. 5/6/1872 9/28/1895 See photo
Denney W. H. 1/14/1839 2/5/1880 See photo
Denny Amelia no date 8/5/1877 age 21 yrs
w/o D L Denny
French Amanda no date 1/28/1907 d/o R Franch
See photo
Glenn William 2/24/1880 7/6/1885
See photo
Hicks Lettie no date 7/7/1879  
Hicks Mary A. no date 3/13/1877 age 28 yrs 9mos 26 dys
w/o J R Hicks
See photo
Hodum R. A. 7/11/1859 5/26/1883 See photo
Moody L. 1/11/1919 4/5/1945 Okla PVT 1885 SVC COMD Unit, WW II
See photo
Honaker Wallace no date 1974  
Lamb Elisebeth 2/29/1852 10/14/1901 age 49 Yrs 7 Mos 15 Dys
w/o C J Lamb
See photo
Mallory Juna Mae 5/31/1917 9/23/1942 See photo
Mallory Lee 4/11/1892 3/11/1939 h/o Maude Mallory
See photo
Mallory Lee Wayne 2/22/1922 4/4/2007 h/o Hazel M (Bradshaw) Mallory
See photo
Mallory Maude B. 12/31/1892 5/9/1979 w/o Lee Mallory
See photo
Mallory Thressa no dates    
Merritt J. T. no dates    
Miller Henry Jr. 3/7/1912 7/10/1954 See photo
Miller P. D. 8/30/1864 1928  
Miller P. H. 1869 1928 See photo
Miller T. H. 1879 1933  
Miller Thomas J. 4/1/1876 6/23/1932 See photo
Peck Charles W. 5/1/1872 4/5/1948 h/o Elizabeth (Chambers) Peck
See photo
Peck Elizabeth (Chambers) 1879 1934 w/o Charles W. Peck
See photo
Rockwell H. O. 11/12/1814 6/27/1876 See photo
Rosenthal L. A. no date 6/26/1889 age 48 yrs
See photo
Unknown       See photo
Vann Lizzie D. 3/20/1882 9/11/1906 w/o Joe Vann
See photo

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